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Anyone have any lessons on how to make iPad presentations

Looking at a multimediacourse (12th grade) where I hope to have a project to make an interactive digital publication for the iPad. Any suggestions for such a project? Also wondering if anyone has experienced problems with interactive content for iPad (as it does not support flash) I'm thinking Digital Publishing Suite is maybe too hard for 11-12 grade? Is Muse and HTML 5 the way to go? Please would love to hear others thoughts.

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Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 8/8/13 4:19:25 PM Permalink

Saw some great resources on using Adobe Edge and iBooks, also ePub, PDF or DPS from InDesign from current versions of Creative Suite. I'll try to find the resources and link to here.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 2/19/13 6:01:01 PM Permalink

It's been some time since this discussion was up. Captivate 6 has support for iPad, and am trying it out at the moment.

Meredith Blache

Posted on 7/24/12 4:38:17 PM Permalink

I have used Dropbox for getting presentations from one iPad to and from multiple iPads (Depending on the App) also check out the Mac application called Reflection which allows you to project several iPads using your MacBook without a Dongle. It is a quick and easy swap out of screens for students to share their iPad screens.

Many apps and application can save and or read PDFs this allow you to be able to save, send and share to and from the iPads the PDF documents fairly easily.

Bob Flynn

Posted on 7/24/12 4:22:58 PM Permalink

This may already be old school, but you should look at Prezi. Prezi presentations can be delivered on the iPad. It's free for education and it is wildly creative.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 7/24/12 8:16:47 AM Permalink

@Nicole thanks, I'll look into that… though it was more looking into doing something like ePub. Partly this is related to the problems of flash not working on iPad and it would feel bad to make a presentation that would not work on the iPad. I have tried mag+ and found it would be one way to do it since multiple users can push their presentations to the same iPad. It is for a course called multimedia, and I find that ePub would be a nice hub for bringing text, video, audio, photo (including 360) and interactive to create a wholeness. I'll be figuring it out and hope to be able to report back after trying… just wondering if anyone else has been down that road before.

I'm thinking the proect would be some kind of instructional presentation. students working in groups of 3-5 students. I'm thinking of setting them tasks they may need to know anyway… "buying a second hand car", "moving from home", "learning laundry", "changing tires" or "renting an appartment". It could be a HTML5 site, but thinking that making an iPad presentation would be breaking new ground.

TJ Fletcher

Posted on 7/24/12 1:02:13 AM Permalink

What's the scope of the audience for your interactive publication project? Are students creating this and deploying to a small number of devices? Are you hoping to have more of an authentic audience (so larger)?

Nicole Dalesio

Posted on 7/24/12 12:55:27 AM Permalink

No lessons, but a great way to make them is using a free iOS app called Snapguide This allows you to make step by step tutorial from your iOS device. You can easily take screenshots by clicking home and power button and add those screenshots into your step by step tutorial. I was using the Display Recorder app. to take screencasts of my phone as well, but sadly, they pulled that app. from the app. store. Similarly, the Reflection app. for the iPhone4s and newer iPads also let you screencast what you are showing on your phone.

Here's a sample of how I did this from my phone.

Maybe I didn't quite answer your question directly, but maybe it might get you thinking of flip teaching strategies for making this course!