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Embedding creative PS skills within a core class

I am trying to embed Photoshop skills in an English class so my students can take the PS ACA test in June. Has anyone tried or done this before, and if so, are you willing to share best practices, tips, or tricks?

It has been fun (and quite an adventure) thus far, but it would help to discuss the ins and outs with others. 

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mayank sahu

Posted on 12/29/19 7:04:42 AM Permalink

i just love photoshop and i am very happy that i follow these community thank you

with regards ​hindimessages

mo cooling

Posted on 4/23/14 4:12:54 AM Permalink

Interesting! In terms of the test I would recommend, in addition to practical Photoshop projects, building your students knowledge of Photoshop's vocabulary. Knowing the names of the tools and talking about why the tools are grouped the way they are, and why certain commands appear under the menus that they do, should help your students with the ACA test.

One practice project I teach taht you might like is for students to record an action that makes the appearance of a word match the meaning of the word in some way.For instance they might have the action to create a windswept look for a word such as stormy.

I find the hardest part of the test for my students are Domains 1 and 5 questions, which deal with topics such as what a graphic designer's job is on a team, and proofing and sending work out for publishing, where they have less actual experience to refer to. Perhaps your students could research those topics online for an article, or invite a graphics/printing professional speaker in to cover some of those areas that are not just about knowing how to use Photoshop.

Best of luck- I think it's a greta idea and I hope it goes well for you!

mayank sahu

Posted on 12/29/19 7:09:35 AM Permalink

anindya banerji

Posted on 11/18/13 12:23:01 PM Permalink

Firstly, I am sorry that I did not find any alternative way to reach you my word.

Last few days here in my place the internet connection made my life miserable. I can able to enter Adobe Ed-Ex site but cannot be able to submit my final assignment. As you can see I had completed the course few days back.

Today I managed to enter into the Ed-Ex but found the link for submission is deactivated. So if you please review my FINAL ASSIGNMENT of Digital Creativity in the Classroom as email submission. (considering the unwanted hazard I faced)

My assignment is about "Drawing and Animating WALK-cycle". It's the illustrated lesson plan, I had sent it as an attachment to a mail. (to,

I am attaching the same through cloud drive:



_Anindya Banerji
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carolyn brown

Posted on 11/3/13 4:27:41 PM Permalink

Photoshop project ideas

  1. an illustrator for a book read in class
  2. a book cover for a book read in class
  3. a graphic novel version for book read in class

Mar Ble

Posted on 1/17/20 11:24:26 AM Permalink

Hi Carolyn,

I like your proposals.​ Thank you for sharing!

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 10/11/13 12:15:24 PM Permalink

Wow! I've never heard of the ACA test being given out of an English class. Good luck! Seems like quite a challenge.

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for Photo Illustration. Photo Illustration is a term used in the newspaper and magazine industry a lot. Basically, any image that has been edited to a certain extent becomes a Photo Illustration. Essentially after a blurry line between journalistic photography and photo illustration is crossed as one does more manipulations to an image.

I would suggest looking at under the search terms "Photoshop Manipulation" "Photoshop Surreal" or "Photoshop Illustration" to find ways artists use Photoshop to create Photo Illustrations. Then, depending on the focus of your English Language Arts class, have students illustrate their own writing, a passage from a book you're reading, or some other passage of text important in your curriculum. It can be literary text, journalistic text, expository writing, instructional text... anything.

Good luck and be sure to post successful example images!