Emmalee Pearson

Relevant projects for an After Effects college course

Hello! I teach After Effects, among other things, in the Visual Communications program at Madison Area Technical College.

In an effort to keep my class up-to-date, what are some "real world" projects I should include?

Currently, they get used to movement and keyframes by animating verbs, followed up with a logo, kinetic typography quote, banner ad, basic keying, and some lower thirds. The final project is to create a title sequence for a movie, TV show or video game. Planning on adding some character animation next semester too.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

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James Rafferty

Posted on 10/29/17 3:10:38 AM Permalink

Are you able to incorporate some of the free online training series offered by some of the industry leaders (ie. VideoCopilot, Greyscalegorilla or CreativeDojo to name a few)? They have great content often with free download exercise files so even if you were to tweak them/simplify to core concepts for your class purposes it's a great place to start and way to learn.​

Paula Senghas

Posted on 2/7/17 6:09:01 PM Permalink


I found your teaching materials/rubrics and have considered trying kinetic typography with my students but, found most how-to(s) too complicated. Do you have any assignment guidelines or can you suggest any additional teaching materials that may be helpful for beginners? Thanks!

Emmalee Pearson

Posted on 2/8/17 7:39:26 PM Permalink

Hello, Paula! The first exercise we do in my AE course is animate verbs. ​Bounce, slip, appear - you can provide a list or let them choose. I have them do three, then precomp them into a final before rendering and turning in. It's a great way to introduce position, anchor points, rotation, transparency and scale (which I call the PARTS of animation).