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Forms Central for Grades

So, I'm starting to explore FormsCentral a bit. It's a pretty cool part of Adobe Acrobat that I've not explored until recently.

I am looking to make my class rubrics into forms that students can fill out and submit to me electronically. The art work they create is already electronic - why not the grade sheets too, right? Make sense to me. What I can't figure out is how I would then be able to send the form BACK to them with my feedback. 

Here's the workflow that I want.

  1. Kid opens the form, fills out their name, bell, and self-assessment information.
  2. Sends the form to me via the power of FormsCentral
  3. I assess: mark grades, include feedback and comments
  4. I send form BACK.
Step 1 and 2 are pretty self explanatory after working with forms... I've looked at David Olinger's resource on doing a form like this. but I haven't quite figured out steps 3 and 4. Has anyone ever done this? Is anyone able to offer some assistance?



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Kristen Albinson

Posted on 10/5/13 10:31:26 PM Permalink

I want to make a rubric form that I can complete on my iPad as I do my grading at home or in a little window in the corner of my screen attached to my desktop or on my phone (which ever is handiest at the time that I'm doing the grading...whether I'm in front of my TV on the couch at home, at my desk at school, or out and about at a coffee shop). I work in a traditional classroom with paper and pencil for the students. However, they all have Google accounts through our district. I would like to be able to take the data I've entered into the rubric form and then push it out to the individual students privately for feedback they can see in their Google Docs.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 10/9/13 1:00:38 PM Permalink

I know Google Docs has an option to make a Survey or Form. That's basically what I have set up in Forms Central. The only problem, however is getting the feedback BACK to the students. They can turn in their reflection and their artwork, but I then use an Excel spreadsheet to mark their grades in each of the rubric categories I assess. I then print out the Excel sheet and cut it apart and give it to them. It would be a lot nicer if I could find a way to email their feedback straight from a form.

Maybe we need to make an e-grader form submission and RETURN feedback app and make millions!

Here's an example of the form I am currently using for my Digital Imaging class:

It looks ok on my phone, but I don't have an iPad in front of me. Feel free to go on there and submit something from the iPad to try it out if you like.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 10/9/13 1:02:18 PM Permalink

I just happened to think, my administrators use an iPad to create feedback forms when evaluating teachers. They have to pre-populate the with teachers names and their emails, so it will automatically email the teacher after the form is complete. I am going to try something like that in FormsCentral. Hmmmmm... I'll let you know what I come up with.

Karen Henchy

Posted on 11/9/13 4:11:05 PM Permalink

Love the idea and really like your rubric. I do hope you crack it, it is a fantastic way to acknowledge the students work.