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We have a Journalism course in Middle School.  We use Adobe Visual Communicator and an extraordinary camera to capture the news.  I would like to know if there is an easier program to use the meets the same objective.

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jerri drakes

Posted on 7/18/13 6:52:31 PM Permalink

Oops! looks like Adobe Premier Pro has a green screen feature.

jerri drakes

Posted on 7/18/13 6:38:18 PM Permalink

I like Premier Elements. I checked out the features and the missing component using a green screen. Using Visual Communicator it allowed the use of a green screen. We had a newsroom background. I doesn't seem that Adobe Premier include this feature.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 7/18/13 1:59:10 PM Permalink

You might want to try Premiere Elements before jumping into Premiere Pro with middle schoolers. I tend to advocate using professional level software when resources allow, but it can be a big jump at first. Premiere Elements might be worth a try first.

jerri drakes

Posted on 7/17/13 4:06:21 PM Permalink

We've set up sort of a pseudo newsroom. We use Adobe Visual Communicator to create videos of our daily news and post it on our school website for our community to view. It has all the video editing features with added special effects we like and it comes with on screen teleprompter that the student can read from a laptop while a webcam record records the video and audio. The problem has to do with the timing and the teleprompter structure it cumbersome and I want something easier, maybe something that uses a timeline. I just found out that Adobe Visual Communicator is discontinued and now Adobe Premier Pro has taken its place. I thinks its worth trying Adobe Premier Pro. I'll look into it.

Don Hoye

Posted on 6/25/13 7:56:51 PM Permalink

depending on your studio setup.

you can ingest directly through Premier Pro or Adobe prelude.

don't know what your "objective" is, so it's a little hard to make real specific suggestions.