Rachael Stokes
Secondary Visual Art and Design Teacher


I was asked to define creativity in my own words by the students of my Year 11 Design class without referring to the dictionary. I was completely stumped at how to make a sentence that made actual sense. My poor class just stared me as I mumbled and had my 'thinking' face on. 

Try put it in your own words! I would be interested to see what you write! 

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thao pham

Posted on 2/12/18 12:16:41 PM Permalink

​Oh I know how you feel when put on the spot!

I would say: The ability to come up with new ideas, improve existing ones or imagine different solutions through some kind of action.

Not a definition but one of my favourite quotes about creativity is "You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have!" by Maya Angelou.

janet robertson

Posted on 8/9/17 3:50:05 PM Permalink

​To take what you know and have experienced and, add to that, new technologies, ideas or experiences to come up with something new or even slightly different to what has come before.

Emilio Di Pietro

Posted on 8/9/17 10:31:40 AM Permalink

​The ability to Look beyond the ordinary, to create the extraordinary. To be inspired through investigate and analysis in what we see and do without need for imitating, but learning from the moods, psychology, theory and techniques from which they came about.

kimbelry phillips-ingram

Posted on 8/8/17 11:37:42 PM Permalink

It is the ability to analyze and manipulate knowledge and skill, to imagine and create something new or original to the creator. If we seek definition as a creative, inventive person by a wide audience, we have to educate ourselves on what is already out there, build off it, or approach it from a different perspective, using differing sets of standards, or a different style. We try not to waste our time reinventing the wheel.

Chris Clark

Posted on 8/8/17 8:32:15 PM Permalink

​Creativity is the ability to make a new thing, come up with a new idea, or do something in a new way.

Ariz Khan

Posted on 8/8/17 5:42:21 PM Permalink

​Creativity for me is to implement an idea that adds value both at professional and personal levels.It's the ease of use to carry out everyday tasks in the digital world that makes it a domain of creativity, sparked by imagination and felt in the real world as a new experience.


Posted on 8/8/17 4:53:46 PM Permalink

​Divergent thinking rather than convergent think!

James Buzacott

Posted on 1/28/16 2:37:07 AM Permalink

Creativity is the development or expression of something new or in a new form, be it visual, spoken or written, by stepping beyond the boundaries that usually limit our perception.

Outdoor Furniture Mamagreen

Posted on 1/5/16 5:01:21 AM Permalink

Creativity - being original

Window Cleaning

Posted on 1/5/16 3:54:02 AM Permalink

Great exercise. I find it easier to describe what creativity is not, as opposed to what it is eg. Creativity is not being stuck in the box.

Jesse Cole

Posted on 11/12/15 5:52:25 PM Permalink

Creativity is problem solving in a unique way.

Becky Simpson

Posted on 11/10/15 6:51:44 PM Permalink

Harder then you think. It is funny that we always try to get our students to be creative, but when they ask us what it is we go back to old standards like"thinking outside of the box." I think creativity is having the ability to look at objects, have ideas and create objects/ideas in different ways.

Veronica Lewis

Posted on 11/10/15 9:07:52 AM Permalink

Creativity is the ability to look at, change and develop a plan, idea or product into something new and different directions.