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Personal or Enterprise?


I use an Enterprise Adobe account when I am at work, which gives me access to the full Adobe Suite.  It also means that any development/training I undertake whilst signed is credited to the Enterprise account, so when I no longer have access to this Enterprise account I will lose my work and any certificates, badges, etc.  

Ideally I would build a portfolio to showcase my work and development, but technically I don't own the content, my employer does.  But who owns the records of the training I have undertaken.

So my questions is: is it possible to link my personal and Enterprise accounts in such a way that I retain a record of my work and achievements that Adobe award for completing the online self-paced training etc, or should I only undertake training whilst signed in with my personal account?



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Vaqas Iqbal

Posted on 2/19/16 8:01:02 PM Permalink

This is exactly the same thing I am facing at the moment and after a long time of brainstorming and thinking about staying on the authentic way to keep learning yet developing my own portfolio (which in my case I have decided to build from the scratch though I may add bits from old work of mine) My employer under who I was using CC it was for teams only and where I am from (Karachi, Pakistan) individual account memberships are not offered yet but I hope I will be able to solve this issue by the end of this year.
So all my work was maintained under an alpha numeric ID and similarly as you I was well aware that all the work will be property of my employer and I may not get some things for my presonal portfolio too and since it was only that my employer was interested in getting authentic software got him to buy CC and that was when I actually started digging out about adobe and CC and found out that I was missing creative incubation.
As an artist it is like an investment in your own self and its better to have a Personal/Individual licence as an artist.
But one has to make sure it's worth it and the investment is not only getting the tools but with dedication also the command over them.
I am past that age of going for ACA so my chances here are with ACE that I will surely be signing up for.

Adobe Education

Posted on 2/19/16 7:34:30 PM Permalink

Hi Ian - unfortunately, you can't link your personal and Enterprise accounts in the way you're describing. It's up to you which account you want to use to undertake training.