Tarek Bahaa El Deen
Assistant Professor in Graphic Design

Can Adobe InDesign Recalculate the resolution if image size is change?

Can Adobe InDesign Recalculate the resolution if image size is change

we guess yes

But, is it true?

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MIke McHugh

Posted on 7/10/13 7:06:48 PM Permalink

InDesign can certainly resize an image, however it will not increase OR decrease the actual resolution of the image.

For example if a 300 Pixel per inch image is placed in, it is scaled by 200% it will output at 150 pixels per inch. Not good enough quality for offset printing.

The info pallet will display the effective resolution, this is the resolution that image will be output at after the image has been scaled.

Hope that makes sense.

If you wish to Add resolution to an image. Use Photoshop it uses different interpolation methods for both increasing and decreasing images rto get the best result. Photoshop CC has improved this process substantially.

Han Guangwen

Posted on 5/22/13 3:28:46 PM Permalink

Hi Tarek,

Scaling an object (i.e. JPEG) in InDesign automatically resamples its resolution, as seen in the Info Panel (Window > Info.) So it is scaling & resampling at the same time.

If you seeking for an optimal resolution at its best quality, you should consider handling this in Photoshop first-hand before placing the images in InDesign. As most would have forgotten, InDesign is a, in general, a layout tool, not an imaging tool. That's why placeholders and layouts should be done in InDesign first, and all images set to the optimal dimensions and resolution in Photoshop, then placing all the images in InDesign. Following this workflow, you would not rely on InDesign to do much scaling, put aside worrying resolution issues.


Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 4/13/13 7:08:28 PM Permalink

thank you Kristen

but our discussion is related to if InDesign when enlarge image working as resizing or resampling

Kristen Baldridge

Posted on 4/9/13 2:10:14 AM Permalink

Not quite sure I'm understanding your last but I'll give it a shot.

I teach high school and we use InDesign to create our yearbook.Unfortunately my students have used InDesign to resize photos incorrectly (example stretching a photo to the point itdrops below the recommended 300dpi and is obvious when we allow it to go to the publisher and to print.

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 4/7/13 6:47:21 PM Permalink

thank you

Kristen Baldridge

but it's really effective in offset print, i believe that but are someone use it in print?

Kristen Baldridge

Posted on 4/5/13 1:37:20 PM Permalink

Yes it can.

Open up the "Info" Palette and click on the picture you have a question about.

It will show you Actual and Effective ppi. Actual is the resolution of the image at 100% original size - for instance when opened in Photoshop.
Effective ppi is the resolution of the image after is has been scaled up or down in InDesign.
So if you have a 300 ppi image and you scale it in InDesign to half the original size the Effective ppi will show 600ppi.

Does that answer your question?

Tarek Bahaa El Deen

Posted on 4/4/13 9:51:07 AM Permalink

no, my issue if adobe InDesign can change resolution when we change the width and highest of image

Kristen Baldridge

Posted on 4/4/13 1:04:54 AM Permalink

Are you asking about effective vs actual pixel resolution?