Konstantin Köhler
Executive Director / Educator

Do you know good ice breaker or warm up exercises?

I would love to hear what good ice breaker or warm up exercises are you using. I think they can play an important role, give energy and engage the students more in class.

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Shannon McCarthy

Posted on 1/19/15 4:46:42 PM Permalink

I just did a warmup exercise for Gestalt Principles and I believe it went very well. One was a "finding" game were I found samples from the internet, cut them up and students had to work in groups to find an example of each principle. I counted the students off by numbers so they had to work with different people.

My colleague and I also did another exercise were they had to physically create Gestalt Principles, like closure or similarity with a group using just geometric shapes, then the class would guess which principle was being featured.

I can tell you more about each exercise if you are interested!

Dominic McCall

Posted on 1/4/15 2:52:12 PM Permalink

In teaching photography I learnt from a UK adobegen course photoshop tennis. Where you start with a original photo/ rights to use & modify (if off internet) and then send it to students to manipulate. break the class into pairs (to keep it moving quickly) they then manipulate and send it back to their partner to manipulate. This is fun, creative but also pushes students to learn new techniques to 'beat' the others manipulation- it can start in class and then continue as homework, extra credit for a term. I am always amazed at what the students and staff create!

Hope this helped?

Navaz kerawalla

Posted on 12/2/14 2:56:33 AM Permalink

This will depend on the grade level. In upper grades, most likely students know each other so introduction games are not quite that useful. But I have let students ask me 20-questions (appropriate ofcourse) and they seemed to be engaged.

Louis DePriest

Posted on 11/15/14 5:25:07 PM Permalink

Depending on the software, for photoshop I get them creating their own logo. Using the text tool and background layer it introduces them to a few simple tools in photoshop. In premiere Pro, they start by working with files to edit a sequence the way they want utlizing video that I provide. Here they learn to create a sequence in the timeline, the trim tool and exporting to H264.