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Adobe Presenter killer, Office Mix?


I'd like to know if some people are using Office Mix (https://mix.office.com/). It is similar to Adobe Presenter... and free. You can add quizzes, have analytics... well. Almost everything Adobe Presenter could do when we look only at the most basic features we need for our classrooms: quizzes, recordings, and online assessments.

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Brian Friedlander

Posted on 9/15/14 2:03:20 AM Permalink

I am in the process of reviewing Office Mix for the classes I teach. It is very fast and fluid-but a different type of tool then Adobe Presenter which offers me a total solution for developing eLearning assets.


Damien Soukhavong

Posted on 9/15/14 8:26:22 AM Permalink

Obviously, it's totally different to Adobe Presenter when it comes to eLearning! However, I think Office Mix is a really good (free) tool to create simple quizzes (and not involving too much of work). Much more clean than Adobe Presenter also (and font rendering is better than image-conversion from Adobe Presenter output).

Lorry Perkins

Posted on 9/14/14 4:34:26 PM Permalink

Hello Damien:

This past term, we used Office Mix in Graduate school to record our Final Exam deliverables. I think as a tool that students can utilize for exams or for homework it is awesome because it is free and academia doesn't have to allocate costs for students to move into a new era for homework assignments. However, I am not sure it provides all the capabilities that Presenter does as to I believe it is still in Beta. I would recommend that maybe Educators continue to focus on using Presenter for course preparation and incorporate an assignment for students to utilize Mix.


Damien Soukhavong

Posted on 9/15/14 8:31:08 AM Permalink

For course preparation, I agree: Adobe Presenter is much better. It involves a lot of practical tools which is not always available in Office Mix. For quizzing, Office Mix seems a "reliable" way of doing it, although it may not be always done in the good way (sometimes stuck in the loading forever).

Something essential missing in Adobe Presenter is webpage integration. It's possible in Office Mix, but not in Adobe Presenter (the only way is to play with scripts on it). If you use Office Mix, you just change the webpage script in order to accommodate last-minute changes, without involving the whole process of resending the whole PowerPoint presentation from Adobe Presenter (and reuploading it to Adobe Connect Server or any other servers).

Ease of use of Office Mix is killing, though. Adobe Presenter is sometimes slow as hell when you have about 150 slides and a lot of quizzes with scenarios.