MIke McHugh
Product Manager

Are you upgrading to IOS in the classroom?

For those folks who have iPads to use in the classroom with students. Do you plan to upgrade to IOS 7? How will you manage the upgrade? Do you like IOS7 and does it have significant advantages for you?

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Brian Dawson

Posted on 4/14/14 5:47:18 PM Permalink

I updated our 1:1 school to iOS7 almost immediately. I still manage through iTunes and refuse to be constrained by the Configurator. It is a little time consuming, but I have images for each grade level. The tedium comes from having to OK each and every iPad to the computer TRUST the first time I sync, after the update. The best part about the upgrade is that it gave me about 10% more space across the board. Overall, I'd say the new iOS is a preferable upgrade.

Jered Martinez

Posted on 11/10/13 2:16:44 AM Permalink

We waiting several weeks to update to iOS 7, still several apps have not updated to work properly with iOS 7. With our MDM, AirWatch, iOS 7 gives us some cool new features to play with. To get the most out of it though I noticed that the iPad 4th generation or newer is needed for features (airdrop)

Cory Fernandez

Posted on 9/26/13 6:35:44 AM Permalink

I have. I teach photography with the iPad and the new update has brought some great features to try out.