Bhuvana Sriram
Post Graduate Teacher

Teaching with less facilities

I am working in D.T.E.A.Sr. Sec.School, New Delhi. We are having students who are first learners of the family and in our school we don't have digital class rooms. We have an equipped computer lab and not very easily accessible to students. Can any one help me to give an idea how best I can make use of this availability.

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Jody Campbell

Posted on 7/28/14 2:57:10 PM Permalink

What subject are you teaching? I would focus on the basics and allow for independent exploration to get them comfortable to begin with and then move on to direct instruction that is tasked based.

Bhuvana Sriram

Posted on 8/19/14 6:20:14 PM Permalink

Hi Jody,

I am teaching mathematics to grades 11 and 12. I would like to use technology in teaching maths. Thanks for your valuable suggestions.