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Creativity - What is it?

Having viewed or at least made good use of some of the professional Development courses and the resources here, I find that creativity has no real definition applicable to it. I tend to think that creativity is a subjective area of individualistic approaches. We all (in education) want to apply a high level of creativity to our students work, and get them to understand just what they need to do to achieve a creative level, that would facilitate further development in their chosen subject area. But how can we define just what creativity really is?

There are many and varied resources out there that will help us in applying our own definition of this topic, but do they [resources] really give us that predefined approach we want? Or is the question here not about defining what creativity is, but to assist students in achieving a creative state through our own resources and applications? I for one try to allow my media students to guide me through their vision on a theme I have given them for a project. This method, I think does have merits when students come back with a complete project that has had very little creative input from me as their teacher.

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, or so they say (who ever they are), maybe the way to a students mind is to give them full creative autonomy in their projects. What are your thoughts on this?

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Michael Puma

Posted on 5/29/19 1:42:45 PM Permalink

Creativity is a tough subject. It's all we want for students but it seems the more you try to teach it the less it happens. Give the students total freedom and they produce nothing. Stick to a too regimented plan and they'll produce the same work over and over with little variation. ​

Given those difficulties it seems that creativity cannot necessarily be taught. I've been using this definition:
"A knowing manipulation of rules, forms and structure to produce something new, artistic or original."

While it's difficult to define "artistic", the words "rules, forms and structure" can give educators something to latch on to. Those can be taught for students to use, manipulate, create and, in terms of rules, break. AdobeSpark is just one more "Form" students have access to.

William Cortez

Posted on 5/25/19 3:28:09 PM Permalink

I think if there is critical thinking or logical thinking there should be creative thinking.​ Students should have exercises or activities in thinking outside the box. In this way they can cultivate their creativity.

Joseph LoCicero

Posted on 4/16/14 6:24:23 PM Permalink

This is an interesting topic and one that I deal with each semester. To me, creativity is the ability to arrive at an effective, yet unique solution to a problem. I do not think it can be taught in a traditional manner. I try to create an atmosphere where the students are given ownership of each other’s work through collaboration and critique. Often times, I step away and have them hash out ideas. When I hear a spirited discussion, I know they are on the right track. It is only through this exploring and interaction that fresh, creative ideas emerge. Later in the process, when I am more involved and the work is evaluated, the students have reasons for their design choices and total ownership of both their good and bad decisions.

margaret campbell

Posted on 4/7/14 7:20:58 AM Permalink

This sounds exciting to be a student in this classroom!!!

Tony Bolder

Posted on 4/7/14 9:22:07 AM Permalink

Thank you. I would like to know your thoughts on how you integrate creativity in your classroom.