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Favorite Educational Technology Tools

What is your favorite educational technology tool(s) that you have used or are currently using in your classroom? Why do you prefer this tool(s)? 

What educational technology tools are popular with your students? 

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sandra suarez

Posted on 3/15/16 1:12:10 PM Permalink

Photoshop, a good tool is fun to explore with many students, the version I use is usually the CS4 as a matter of ease and the Elements version. With them develop and create various creative activities. From touch-up photography and photomontage, are the main activities with this program

Victor Gonzalez

Posted on 3/15/16 10:33:37 AM Permalink

Victor Gonzalez

Posted on 3/15/16 10:32:41 AM Permalink

I do have many favourite tools that I use in the classroom. I have been gathering them since 2010 on my website and blog

Arthur Wohlwill

Posted on 3/14/16 6:37:56 PM Permalink

For assessments,, Kahoot and clickers are useful and the students like the activities.

EDpuzzle allows for insertion of questions into youtube videos and also allows truncating videos to make long ones shorter.

I am just starting to use which allows one to annotate web pages. It is pretty neat.

Gail Corbman

Posted on 12/26/14 12:37:12 AM Permalink

I love my Promethean board! I use it to assess students as well as instruct them. The activexpressions engage the students and shows them how they are performing before, during, and after a lesson. I also incorporate a variety of web 2.0 tools to introduce lessons that "hook" my audience. Web 2.0 tools can also be used to assess student achievement. Creating a video or a slide show can demonstrate what a student knows.

Daniel Esquerra

Posted on 12/8/14 1:02:56 AM Permalink

My favorite tools include combining Google Classroom with Desmos online calculator for investigating math topics. Using a split screen students can explore with Desmos and use a Google doc to explain reasoning, collaborate with others and then submit assignments for easy teacher collection and review.

Ryan Patterson

Posted on 12/3/14 5:49:32 AM Permalink

I enjoy using Google Drive. It is a great way to collaborate, share, and create documents. I like to use Google Hangouts when meeting with study group members from long distance.

Janet Gutierrez

Posted on 12/3/14 12:53:26 AM Permalink

The iPad is probably the most versatile at this time not only for a teacher but also for the students to use. Wifi capability helps with research and information is at their fingertips. Educational apps abound to learn and show thinking of concepts. It's mobile and inexpensive compared to laptops. It's user friendly and quickly dominating the clipboard of educational tools. Next year our school is implementing a BYOD program which concerns me due to compatibility issues. But I guess it's a start in the right direction. I know the security disaster LAUSD encountered made many districts overly cautious. However, iPads are a big factor in student engagement. Teachers are competing with XBOXes and Video games with which students prefer to spend their time. Why not take a risk and join the generation of digital natives.

Amber Geldien

Posted on 12/2/14 4:02:40 AM Permalink

What is your favorite educational technology tool(s) that you have used or are currently using in your classroom? Why do you prefer this tool(s)?

What educational technology tools are popular with your students?

Usually students can use iPads or their mobile devices. BYOD is always the best. Two main factors are in favor of the student. 1) They are familiar with the device. They are experienced in how the device is used., 2) The manipulation of the device is solely the responsibility of the student. For example, there is no collection or worry about loss of any "school owned" devices. Most of my students are very willing to use their mobile devices for assignments in class.

Colin Byers

Posted on 11/26/14 6:17:41 AM Permalink

Are you meaning web tools, software or smartphone/tablet apps? Or perhaps all of the above?