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Why Free?

I stopped by the AEE today to add a resource pointing at this epic collection of free resources. (It expires in early January so don't miss your chance to snag it!) As the day wore on and my students worked on projects, I kept adding free resources during down time. (See this page for links.)

Then I began to wonder if you'd think I was spamming the AEE. You know, "What's up with posting a dozen links to different Free Resources?"

Well, first up, a dozen doesn't even scratch the surface. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of high-quality free resource sites out there. I wanted to share specific links, but more importantly, I wanted to share the unanticipated benefits of utilizing free resources in the classroom.

In short, my students feel connected to a much larger creative community. And attribution—an uphill battle (to say the least) in prior years—is now part of their natural documentation. I've stressed that we are NOT legally compelled to add attribution to CC0 and public domain resources but that it's polite to do so and might encourage others to participate in the collective creative party. The kids have learned to link to social media in addition to the site the resource originates. Often multiple people/organizations are involved in the process and everyone gets credit—multiple times.

Talk about a win-win situation. The kids have embraced attribution and the artists and entrepreneurs get an SEO bump. Or at least a little unexpected gratitude.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you and your students. #GoOpen

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Rachel Sale

Posted on 1/4/16 2:06:02 AM Permalink


I think you are right on target to encourage your students to be part of a larger community. In this day and time, we can't possibly enforce control of our own work product. Taking control by encouraging open sharing is probably the common sense approach.


OHS Documentation

Posted on 12/31/15 5:34:05 AM Permalink

Great resources. Thanks

Eugene Andrews

Posted on 12/24/15 12:51:14 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing.

Who does not love free stuff?