Nirupama Narasimhan
Senior lecturer

Using Illustrator patterns in presentations

Every time I create a presentation, I'd like the background  theme to match the topic of the presentation. I use Adobe Illustrator to create patterns based on the topic and use the pattern as the background for the slides. In this way I find students are able to grasp what the presentation is all about immediately.

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Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich

Posted on 11/7/15 5:08:51 PM Permalink

I love the idea of continuity in the presentation. By keeping the design consistent, the subject becomes the topic, not the presentation. Would love to see some of the PPT(X)s.

Roni Polak

Posted on 11/2/15 5:56:59 PM Permalink

What age group are you working with? This sounds like something I could use for the primary grades and I would be interested in reading examples of how you are using this.