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What is really next...

You really have to ask yourself what is really next in technology. The roller coaster has past its peak and is heading toward the valley but we will soon be rising back up that hill to the peak. What is it that will take us up that hill? We have experienced, seen, taught and use mobile devices, web based applications etc but, what will really take us to the next level of teaching & learning? Is it going to be a device or a technique? Maybe it will just be a way of teaching & learning that we used to do...

 Any thoughts on this?

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Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/3/14 2:37:16 PM Permalink

In-terms of education I am afraid we will move away from the brick and mortar approach and will become more focused on remote delivery and reception of content (dare I say by AI systems). There are benefits and drawbacks to this of course such as reductions in cost for educations but their is the cost of losing the interaction with a live person too, I have students that take some classes on-line and I have never heard one say I preferred or even liked doing so....but I have heard many say it does not "fit" their way of learning.

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 7/13/14 5:39:02 AM Permalink

I think that the next (essential) technology development is going to be in the area of searching and collation. The web is way too unwieldy (and search engines have proprietary algorithms that are linked with advertising, so searches are not balanced.

This will become even more essential as we get more and more of our lives uploaded online. We need a service that is easy to use but far more powerful than the current Google and Bing engines.

As more and more is uploaded it becomes more and more difficult trusting the results of current searches, plus it wastes time.

Herb Dunmore

Posted on 7/13/14 5:08:18 AM Permalink

This is a very good question. As we are rapidly advancing to a "touchless" environment, the major change would be the fusion of brain and electronics. The ability to plug in and allow our brainwaves to do the work. Years ago, this idea seemed far fetch to many, but might be closer than we know. Its a matter of the consumer comfortably adopting/accepting the technology.

Melinda Cowen

Posted on 7/4/14 1:40:50 AM Permalink

A good chance it will be a device that is more portable, and more intuitive, serving our needs better than devices do now. A device that provides instant gratification with little error, as it knows its owners habits and constantly learns new ways to serve its owner. I was thinking a year ago I would like to have a tracking device I could use to locate my cat. That device is now made and you can find your animal through google maps. Very interesting service, now I would like another device to tell my cat it is time to go home, so I don't have to go get her. I don't think this technology is very far off, after all, just a few years ago there was no such thing as taking a credit card at a yard sale. Now we have Square!