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iPad Screencasting Question

I'm well versed on creating screen casts on both my Mac and PC. But, I have no idea how to do it on an iPad or iPhone. I show demos in class of Adobe mobile apps through the Apple TV. However, other than recording the demo live from a video camera, I don't know how to record what's going on with my screen.

So.... anyone out there in EdEx land know how to record a screencast on an iOS device?

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Felipe Elizagarate

Posted on 9/16/13 5:55:24 AM   Permalink

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Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/15/14 10:49:30 PM Permalink

Thanks for will come in handy.

Brian Dawson

Posted on 4/14/14 6:13:21 PM Permalink

I also use the Reflector app on my Mac to show apps and iBooks through the projector. The view to the kids is exactly the same as seeing it on the iPad. So much better and easier than tethering the iPad to the projector. To capture my screen, I've used iShowU or QuickTime, depending on the requirements (sound isn't recorded with QT) when I need a recorded video of the process. I recommend Reflector whenever I conduct a seminar or workshop!

Felipe Elizagarate

Posted on 9/16/13 5:55:24 AM Permalink

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Aaron Roberts

Posted on 9/16/13 12:00:07 PM Permalink

Thanks, I'll check that out and report back!

Felipe Elizagarate

Posted on 9/18/13 6:02:49 AM Permalink


Aaron Roberts

Posted on 9/23/13 6:34:46 PM Permalink

That's pretty fun to use. I only wish there was something in iOS that visualized the taps as I make them. That would make a demo much easier to follow. Oh well. Thanks for the tip on the software - it will do for now!