Michael Roland

Reducing the file size of a video so it may be submitted for course.

Hi I created a 16 second movie clip but it is 60 meg in size (Quick Time Movie) so I cannot submit it for my class project because the file is too large. I have tried to convert to a smaller file but then the file type is not accepted for upload. (I don't even remember what all I have tried at this point.)

Can anyone help me by explaining how I can convert the movie in Premiere so it will be smaller and can you tell me what file types are accepted for class submissions?


  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.

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Joel Aarons

Posted on 10/27/15 9:12:55 AM Permalink

I also use Media Encoder and upload the videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Then I just post the link. Much better option.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 3/8/15 11:42:31 PM Permalink

Use Adobe media encoder. The H.264 codecs are great for getting efficient video. If it is a QT movie you can also export from QT player as as H264.