Matt Cauthron
Digiatal Arts / CTE Instructor

The Student Creative

The Student Creative is a series of global digital art challenges from Adobe Education Leaders David S. GranMike Skocko, and Matt Cauthron which began in 2010 in response to Sir Ken Robinson's speech. We would love for more people to join us via the Adobe Education Exchange. If interested, please check out our projects and let us know if you would like to join My-thology launching Fall 2012.

Paint the World with Light


Surrealistic Me


My Thology



- All media welcome -


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Russell Pritchard

Posted on 6/26/19 4:55:44 AM Permalink

Thanks Matt.


Matt Cauthron

Posted on 12/18/12 4:06:02 AM Permalink

Matt Cauthron

Posted on 9/25/12 1:20:58 PM Permalink

silvio nocilla

Posted on 8/8/12 3:06:28 PM Permalink

Its really true that is hard to take the students thinking out of the box but it is also true that once they are out of the box they do the best of it considering the creations above. Well done Matt

Nancy Parker

Posted on 8/8/12 12:41:27 PM Permalink

Absolutely. I see students "boxed in" by the standardized tests. Does anyone understand why "standardized" is used in the name for the test? It sounds to me like education is reaching for a standard when in fact we should be reaching for "excellence!" Let's work to get students to "Think Different," like Steve Jobs did.

Thomas Joseph

Posted on 8/8/12 4:22:26 AM Permalink

This looks very cool…. Trying to get the students think out of the box is very difficult and this is the most challenging part for any teacher. Cognates you are doing an amazing job. All the best…

Matt Cauthron

Posted on 8/6/12 4:26:02 PM Permalink


The way we interact has definetly changed. With Student Creative projects like this, we hope to get students to utilize the way things are now to cause positive change and show the world how creativity is happening in schools.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 7/27/12 5:45:12 PM Permalink

Wow. Projects like this will not only teach creativity it will teach all citizens to work collaboratively. I see so many people walking, driving, sitting and even dining with their cell phones consuming their vision. I am wondering if the social network is isolating us more than it is connecting us. Perhaps not, with collaborative projects, however, we should not forget the people that are at an arms length :-)