Tanya Paige
Undergraduate Admissions

Adobe Education Trainer Credential- Week 1 !

Is anyone else having difficulty starting the week one workshop? 

Every time I try to connect to the page it brings me to a link that "cannot be found/an "oops" page. is this happening to anyone else? 

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Stephen Fennell

Posted on 6/5/14 1:06:25 AM Permalink

I saw this advertised and only signed up to Adobe to enroll in it. Now I find the course is closed - why advertise something that's not available?!??!?

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 6/5/14 7:01:29 AM Permalink

I think you've stumbled upon last year's version of the course. The 2014 course starts at the end of this month (and is alive and well!).

Stephen Fennell

Posted on 6/5/14 8:04:00 AM Permalink

Hi Eliot, it appears you're correct. I found another link after I saw your reply and have enrolled.


Candie Witherspoon

Posted on 9/2/13 3:46:37 PM Permalink

Yes, I signed up but couldn't access course, it kept telling me the course was closed, yet I continued to get emails about it. Links never worked. Too many bugs, they really need to fix this. I put in a request for next course offering, but continue to get emails for the current one that I cannot seem to access.

Melissa Jones

Posted on 9/3/13 5:41:30 PM Permalink

Hi Candie, I apologize that you have been receiving emails if you are not enrolled. Can you send an email to edex at adobe dot com so we can address this for you?

Tanya Paige

Posted on 7/29/13 12:15:52 AM Permalink

Thanks everyone I am glad to hear that I was not the only one having difficulty !

Special thanks to Steven Mlodzik and Gara Amirov the links you posted helped out a lot.

Anna Leshchenko

Posted on 7/27/13 7:32:14 PM Permalink

hi, all!

I was trying to unsubscribe from some discussions from the Trainers' course. The site shows a notification that I was successfully unsubscribed (I've tried like 3 times for each discussion). Actually I made sure not put a tick under my comments, because they were not the discussions I wanted to follow... So this week I get hundreds of mails daily, I have no time to read them. It's getting annoing to see 200 new letters each time I check my mail. Do you have the same problem?

marcia blanco

Posted on 7/27/13 7:07:39 PM Permalink

Yup! Me too. Angi, I've been accessing the class through my profile page. I go to the "My Learning" tab and navigate from there. It should list all the workshops you've done or are in the midst of doing. It's a great spot to review. However, I went in there about a half hour ago, and the "Train the Trainer, Week 1" was gone. I'm trying not to take it personally. We may all need to chill a bit while the kinks get worked out. Anyway, I think that we are all in good company on this. (I know that I'm good company, at least in short bursts. That's what my students tell me anyway. lol)

Terry Marsh

Posted on 7/27/13 5:00:35 PM Permalink

I've experienced some of the same problems using Google Chrome. However, I'm having much better results with Windows 8. As this is the first week of the course, I imagine that Adobe is still working out all of the kinks.


Posted on 7/26/13 11:19:08 PM Permalink

terry lau

Posted on 7/26/13 1:41:49 AM Permalink

Nop... no problem at all...What browser did you use?

Gara Amirov

Posted on 7/25/13 11:50:41 PM Permalink

Gara Amirov

Posted on 7/25/13 11:36:55 PM Permalink

It seems that there is no direct link to Adobe Education Trainer page.

Angi Yowell

Posted on 7/25/13 2:40:43 PM Permalink

Yes, and now I am having trouble finding where the course is located! I'm just stumbling around pages, granted learning all about this site and where things are, but still cannot find the course pages to finish what I started!