Laura Vogel
Program Manager

Does anyone know why the Train the Trainer was taken down early?

Hi there, 

Trying to reach someone to see why the Train the Trainer course that was supposed to be up until midnight tonight was taken down. I needed to submit my final assignment but it says I am no longer enrolled in any courses. Thanks! 

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Laura Vogel

Posted on 4/5/15 11:54:57 PM Permalink

I just heard back from the instructors. It was midnight of April 5th in GMT time which I mixed up and thought was 7PM central time today (Sunday) but it was 7PM yesterday unfortunately. You can email the instructors to submit your final PDF and summary prompts.

Luke Sequeira

Posted on 4/5/15 11:48:43 PM Permalink

Trying to figure out the same thing!?!? It went down yesterday evening when I got back from family easter activities. This is super frustrating as I was supposed to finish it this weekend and even if they grant an extension the work will bleed into this next week which is super frustrating. Any word on this? This is the second time this has happened in a EDEX Course. :(

Veronica Sarmiento

Posted on 4/5/15 11:36:11 PM Permalink

It was midnight April 5th, but it varied by time zone. Email the instructors. You might be able to email your final assignment to them. Good luck!

Andreas Freiberger

Posted on 4/5/15 7:03:45 PM Permalink

hi laura!

have the same problem! i supposed until midnight tonight too... :-(((