ben necochea

Does anyone use Adobe Portfolio for student use?

I have been looking at Adobe Portfolio as a possibility for hosting student portfolios for my graphic design class, but I am confused as to how the cost works. Does anyone use it for students?

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Faten khalil

Posted on 8/12/17 12:48:06 PM Permalink

I have the same question

ben necochea

Posted on 11/10/16 3:54:50 PM Permalink

​I got zero answers. I looked into Portfolio, and it looks like it would be free with the Creative Cloud, but we are still running CS 6. My workaround is I had my students create an account, I created a team for their class which they all tag in each of their projects. I also had them share with me their behance url, so I can check on what they post. I thought about commenting and critiquing online, but since it is public I decided that in class critiques would be better. The kids can then use it as their online portfolio. I also like the mobile apps tied in with it because the student can now use their ipad, tablet, phone, etc. as a legitimate portfolio everywhere they go. I hop this helps.

Stephanie Gonzales

Posted on 11/10/16 3:17:03 PM Permalink

​I am trying to figure this out as well. Did you get any answers, or did you learn an easy way for your students?