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Need help with high school design conference....

I am working on developing a 'conference' for students interested in design (specifically Industrial, graphic, and architecture). The conference would focus around design thinking, and developing prototypes within a design charette atmosphere. Essentially, I would group students together and they would be tasked with a problem to solve and work through a design process to solve it. (for example - design your workspace... something open-ended but that has some ground to it so that high schoolers can grasp onto it and go). After the charettes I am going to have people within the design industry talk about what they do with their design degrees and answer questions about their jobs so that students have some idea as to what they could do in the future. I also want to have someone come and speak about design portfolios/applying for college. 

I need help and suggestions as to project ideas and what would be the best way to go about teaching these students. It would be anywhere from 50-100 students at a time. I am thinking a charette where the making/design fits into a 2 - 3 hour period and then each group would have a chance to discuss their designs at the end of the charette. 

(addressing 10th and 11th graders interested in careers in graphic design, industrial design, and architecture)

Has anyone done something like this before? I have a lot of background in design and education, but am a little unsure as to the best way to approach this project. And could use some help, suggestions, guidance. Thanks in advance!

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Posted on 10/2/14 3:04:08 PM Permalink

You might want to check out the work of and/or connect with Mike Skocko, Mark DuBois, David Gran, Matt Cauthorn, and Judy Durkin. They all have done various things with students that may help you with your ideas with putting together the confennce - which sounds great by the way!

The AEE Team