Rose Duggan
English/ Media Teacher

Captivate in the classroom


I've been focusing on learning Captivate and how I can use this to create flipped classrooms and engage my students more. I've created a series of videos, mainly lesson tutorials. I would love to hear how you are using Adobe Captivate in your classroom and teaching practice?



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Tammy Moore

Posted on 7/5/14 8:11:20 PM Permalink

We are using Captivate extensively in our project. It is a fully online course co-op for home school students with a blend of live, online classroom, at your own pace, and blended course options.

Feel free to browse the course resource listing at the bottom of the page at Many the of the courses now have a good presence of Captivate built lessons. The math one is 100% Captivate lessons and there are several hundred of them now. The Chemistry, General Science, and Physical Science listings have a smattering of Captivate lessons. We are working to replace the VT lessons with Captivate, so there will be a higher percentage of Captivate lessons as time goes by.

What subject area are you building for?

Damien Soukhavong

Posted on 6/16/14 9:07:15 PM Permalink

I use Adobe Captivate to provide the course content online, giving my students the possibility of training on complex situations which are much harder than what I teach in the classroom (because everyone has to follow). This way, "slow" students keep pace at their speed by refreshing their skills regularly, "regular" students enhance their skills, and "fast" students deepen their skills.

I do think it is a good way of getting back time when there isn't enough time to teach to students when the course weight is so huge. Keeping the essentials in the classroom, "going further" and "refreshing" in Captivate. But in a online way.

I also use Captivate before exams, so students in the classroom challenges themselves to earn the highest score without cheating, while being totally relaxed (as it seemed this year).