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Where is the Adobe curriculum?

Are the full curricula for Print, Web and Video that Adobe published with CS5 still available or updated?

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Candyce Mairs

Posted on 10/15/13 9:41:04 PM Permalink

Some of you referenced the videos included in the Dreamweaver Classroom in a Books, and those videos were directly taken from the Learn By Video series videos. The Learn By Video course contains the full series of videos. I know there are many teachers using that series for the classroom as they have contacted me about it. That series starts the websites off from scratch, whereas the Classroom in a Book series uses starter layouts as the base for the first pages.

Candyce Mairs

Posted on 10/15/13 9:37:43 PM Permalink

I am the author of the Dreamweaver CS4, CS5 & CS5.5 Learn By Video series that directly mapped to the ACA web curriculum. I find it interesting that there is no listing at the link below from Adobe Education for the curriculum. It shows the Dreamweaver Web study guide, but there is no longer a Web version for curriculum. I think you are on your own for the web piece unless you go back to versions CS4 or CS5. Those versions directly mapped to the curriculum and exam and it was quite a bit of work to do that as an author. Every term on the exam and every objective had to be fully covered in those versions.

Adobe Education

Posted on 10/17/13 12:31:23 PM Permalink

Hi Candyce - we might be misunderstanding your comment, but the Digital Design curriculum for web design and development (covering Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash) is included on the page linked to from below. Here is a direct link to that curriculum: Note that CS6 is the latest version, but we're working on a Creative Cloud version to be released soon.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 9/10/13 10:39:10 PM Permalink

How did I get into my 12th year of teaching Adobe products and never see these!? I'll be checking them out this weekend!

gerry mohr

Posted on 9/7/13 4:17:25 AM Permalink


I use Adobe's Classroom in a Book for each of the Creative Suite applications as a HS curriculum guide and I think it works great!

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 9/11/13 11:31:43 AM Permalink

I also use Classroom in a Book. Love it, great series. Some of the videos in my resources are based on those lessons if you want a screencast to accompany your efforts.

Adobe Education

Posted on 8/22/13 6:49:09 PM Permalink

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 10/17/13 11:31:55 AM Permalink

What's the Creative Commons license on this resource? I am looking at the Visual Design curriculum and it lists "Share Alike," but the curriculum document encourages modifications and expansions. I am looking at the presentation in in the Visual Design - Project 2 folder. I'm adding and modifying - and attributing Adobe. I'm assuming this acceptable? I plan on recording my own narration for the video (and posting here, of course). Is this acceptable?

Adobe Education

Posted on 10/17/13 12:29:41 PM Permalink

Yes, you can add and modify our curriculum as long as you attribute Adobe and share what you create. The only real restriction is that you can't sell the content that you create based on our curriculum.