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Pinterest Boards for Cultivating Creativity

What are your favorite pins and boards resources for cultivating a creative culture in your classroom?

This discussion post is part of the Adobe Education Exchange Professional Development Workshop, Creativity in Today’s Classroom: Managing the Creative Classroom

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Creative culture in the art classroom is: visual, thoughtful, insightful, nature, technology, art medium-process, concepts, artists, collaborative and interactive.

Creative culture in the art classroom is: visual, thoughtful, insightful, nature, technology, art medium-process, concepts, artists, collaborative and interactive.

Michelle Mondragon

Posted on 12/31/14 11:22:14 PM Permalink

This can be a useful way to share information. But also very time consuming.

Siti Snyder

Posted on 11/5/14 10:27:15 PM Permalink

This is a very interesting way to creatively organize images for a variety of useful and educational purpose. One can see the usefulness of Pinterest as a learning tool.

Barbara Clark

Posted on 9/3/14 10:05:14 PM Permalink

This was my first time on Pinterest. I enjoyed looking at the ideas on the site.
I do not know how to get my Pinterest link to post it here. Please give my an idea. I cannot do Pinterest on my school computer.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/12/14 12:02:44 AM Permalink

I don't use any kind of "pin and board" like Pinterest is something similar to a morgue but digital?

Karen Ellis

Posted on 8/9/14 7:35:28 AM Permalink

Candie Witherspoon

Posted on 7/28/14 6:14:16 AM Permalink

Jody Chapel

Posted on 7/24/14 12:09:44 AM Permalink

Thanks to everyone who shared their boards. I love seeing them all. I have a ton of boards, for my teaching as well as my own artistic practice. They are all meant to stimulate my creativity so my actual creativity board has the least in it. Funny, I don't have one food board... You are welcome to peruse my boards. Happy pinning!

Stephanie Davidson

Posted on 7/18/14 3:49:21 PM Permalink

Most of my pins were about students having the free will to create. The rest were about ideas to start creativity.

Barbara Swanner

Posted on 7/17/14 6:54:27 PM Permalink

I have set up boards for several of my classes (9th-12th grade), but I do it with a broad focus, I am never sure what is going to grab a students interests. I tend to pin lots of tutorials and YouTube videos, as well as examples of work I think is interesting, challenging or different. I really stress to my students that these pins are just starting points, and the work is not to be copied.

Here are a couple of my boards:

Christina MacLaughlin

Posted on 7/17/14 4:37:17 PM Permalink

Wayne Kijanowski

Posted on 3/10/14 2:15:32 AM Permalink

In our desktop publishing class we have to create a resource of design ideas that fall into several categories (typography, layout, color, photography, bizarre). Most students use Pinterest for finding typography quotes in which they have to recreate using the fonts we have and altering a wee bit. The purpose is not to copy but build production skills and to keep a continual eye, observing the great stuff that passes before us each day.

jon papworth

Posted on 3/6/14 10:55:57 AM Permalink

I set up the following pinterest page for our 6th form students to start of projects and became addicted to the site which had a knock effect of my students also using the site as a tool to research and log ideas - brilliant for A Level courses

Joan Maresh Hansen

Posted on 10/13/13 7:45:14 PM Permalink

Pinterest is addictive, I have spent most of the day...finding interesting images and ideas...I searched for Creativity, Art projects, Artists, Gardening, Decorating, Cooking, Vintage trailers, and then back again to Creativity in Classrooms, Creativity in Education, and my boards are Creativity, Unique Ideas), and My Style.

I found a quote that sums up what I have always realized and how I live my life. In fact, I have a painting in my office that says,

" Life is Art, Paint Your Dreams." This quote on Pinterest paraphrased said, " I think that everything in life is art. What you do, How you dress,.....,how you talk, .....,what you believe in and all your dreams, you decorate your house, the food you make, how your writing looks, is art." And if life is art then our lives can and should be creative and our teaching lives should reflect the same kind of innovative energetic living. Creativity keeps you feeling alive, your soul is connected to the source of all that is...and we need that and so do young people.

Patrick Turner

Posted on 8/12/13 3:04:02 AM Permalink

Here are my boards for this workshop. I do not have much experience with Pinterest, so please be gentle with any critiques.