Colin Byers
Media Arts Instructor

Do you teach Exposure Triangle with Camera Simulators? Or is there another method you prefer?

 Many exposure mistakes and mishaps can be fixed in post... however, getting the right exposure certainly speeds up productivity. Before my students work with Photoshop and Lightroom I need to teach them how to take a good photograph with correct exposure. The exposure triangle can be a tough concept for new students, luckily there are a few great resources out there. If you have some share them in the comments. Here are a few I often use:

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Dima Tsvetkov

Posted on 10/6/15 8:27:50 PM Permalink

I've created the Exposure Triangle Simulator to keep stuff simple. People found this easier to understand the triangle than using the camera simulators.
Try it yourself:

Dave Whitney

Posted on 1/29/15 11:00:01 PM Permalink

It's fancy or animated but Fred Parkers Ultimate Exposure Computer, once understood has always stayed with anyone I have worked with teaching basic photography. Your students get a complete understanding of the Exposure Value and Relationship Factor charts and they will have a very solid foundation to base exposures from and how the camera meter can be wrong and why are explained very well.

Alisha Crawford

Posted on 11/19/14 1:24:04 PM Permalink

Colin, although I don't teach photography I do freelance photography and here's a website (Camera Settings for Beginners) that offers an organized easy-to-understand online guide for best Camera settings Moose Winans' website focuses on the best settings, tips and tricks for getting the best photo, not technical photography terms and photographic rules. Also has cheat sheets for some Nikon and Canon 2ti, 3ti cameras - BTW Thanks for your links/resources too.

Colin Byers

Posted on 11/19/14 3:01:10 PM Permalink

Thanks Alisha!