Ritu Budakoti
VP- Human Performance Academy

Flip Classrooms

How are some of the ways you are using this model? I am curious to know if Flip Classroom can be used for Post Secondary learning as well?

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Renee' Smith

Posted on 6/21/17 3:50:53 AM Permalink

I teach college students and most of them are literally 'glued' to their phones. Flipping the classroom is ​highly recommended in higher education.I use mobile apps with my students to help them learn and keep them engaged. For example, students can use the Adobe Photoshop Mix app to do creative photography. Students use their phones to take photos and edit them in the app. They can even collaborate. Flipping the classroom can even decrease the dropout rate. You should try it!

Ritu Budakoti

Posted on 8/16/17 7:18:42 PM Permalink

Thanks Renee! Great ideas!​