Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Adobe 3D Design

do you agree with me that Adobe needs a 3D tool for modeling, design, animation and interaction?

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Mark Gatehouse

Posted on 4/30/14 8:58:46 AM Permalink


Why use paid for or free but not industry standard software when all education insitutions can get any of the Autodesk 3d packages for no cost?


Mark Gatehouse

Posted on 4/29/14 8:30:18 AM Permalink


If anyone is interested in developing 3d curriculum alongside After Effects, Flash and Photoshop in the UK here is a course rsource training opportunity you may find useful



Mark Gatehouse

Posted on 4/23/14 10:22:59 AM Permalink


The only problem with Adobe taking on a 3d programme would be that the education pricing model would be too expensive. Also why bother when Autodesk and Maxon etc have solid programmes and they integrate fully with After effects. here is a little project that I run as an intro to composition in After effects. http://youtu.be/GGLlfq7VGl8

The students lead on these exercises working to their existent skill-sets and pushing the boundaries. The imagery is a bit rough but you can see the principles.

Jonathan Mortimer

Posted on 4/21/14 8:51:34 AM Permalink

I concur, personally would enjoy the flexibility of importing (Autodesk) 3d models into scene similar to Toonboom software.

R Perrine

Posted on 2/18/14 5:01:03 PM Permalink

I agree that there are a number of options already available. If adobe comes with a lite version of Cinema 4D and integration is workable, why a dedicated Adobe 3D application?

A few factors that should be considered if Adobe decides to go that route:

1. Affordability! Will it's addition being priced comparably to existing apps?

2. Other than COMPLETE integration, what does it offer that other apps don't?

3. How will it be able to integrate with other, more prominent, robust apps that exist now?

Just some thoughts.

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 2/19/14 9:30:40 AM Permalink

i agree with you to consider some aspects to develop/acquire Adobe 3D Application. we have some of adobe application has featuring some of 3D requirements. it is not about 3D application as a tool for creating 3D content, the point is the missing building block for Art&Design integration.
for example in flash still there is a limitation to integrate a 3D content in interactive environment and you got the complete authority to edit the content there, we have a successful integration between Illustrator and After Effects for examples creates a great 2D Animation when you save layers and open there as a composition.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 2/19/14 1:05:02 PM Permalink

+1 to #2 on your points. It has to be differentiated from other offerings, otherwise why offer it? If you haven't looked at Autodesk's 123D apps on the iPad, you'll see a very interesting approach to 3D creation. However, they're mostly akin to Mudbox, it's about sculpting a ball of class. Not the precision of a CAD design, but more intuitive for an artist. I would like to see something that can BOTH sculpt like Mudbox or build like a CAD program.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 2/14/14 3:41:25 PM Permalink

Absolutely! I would love to see an application for sculpting like Autodesk's Mudbox. They're 123D sculpting apps on iOS are easy and fun too. I have been using Pixologic's Sculptris, which is the baby sibling of their Z-Brush software. It's fun and easy too.

I have looked at Photoshop CC's new 3D printing controls. It does a nice clean job of making supports and rafts to output to a 3D printer, but I want better content creation too! The output is limited to a few select printers, so I'm sure it will grow.

Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Posted on 2/11/14 7:38:11 PM Permalink

3D features are pretty limited inside Adobe programs; you got some constrains to visualize your concept because the program is not designed for 3D Design. Recently designers went to the co-create channels to develop artist agility of interactive and motion design, i am using Maya3D and facing difficulties to integrate 3d content with interactive environment.

Jorgen Wollsten

Posted on 2/11/14 9:59:13 AM Permalink

I feel that the basic 3D stuff in PS and AI are enough for my humble and really basic needs. But if such a tool is added to CC then why not.

ivan irianto

Posted on 2/11/14 2:21:53 AM Permalink

when it happen, will it be come with an affordable price?

Michael Ladson

Posted on 2/10/14 11:06:50 PM Permalink

Most Definitely!

I know Photoshop now has basic 3D capabilities and now After Effects comes with a lite version of Cinema 4D but I think there shold be a dedicated Adobe 3D program with familiar toolsets (the likes of photoshop, illustrator and indesign). I know I have been caught out a few times wanting to create a basic 3D object but had struggled with new interfaces (I've tried cinema 4D and Maya).

I believe one of the great things about the Abode products is the uniformity and familiarity across the programs.

Lewis Bloomfield

Posted on 2/10/14 8:40:42 AM Permalink

Theres already an entire market out there that specialize in that stuff including great free options for education such as Blender. I don't think it would make sense for Adobe to enter this arena fully.