Colin Byers
Media Arts Instructor

What is the best resource that you have come across or created this year?

As the year winds down, we have had many great resources shared here on the Ed Exchange, some found and others created by our members. Which ones stand out as the best resources this year? Why not comment and we can compile a shortlist of the best of the best?

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jeffrey plummer

Posted on 4/6/17 3:08:19 PM Permalink

​ The newest one is it has several exciting tutorials that are divided up nicely in small clusters. I find high school students are easily distracted when you let them use youtube and I have found the majority prefer ones they can easily review.

AIGI has a free curriculum for high school students that takes students through theory application and typography. It provides the rubrics as well as worksheets for students.

Joy May

Posted on 12/12/16 2:15:27 AM Permalink

​I love Donors Choose. I recently received a set of six Chrome Books for my first grade classroom from a donor on this site. The process was not overly complicated and the rewards were incredible!

jeniffer homes

Posted on 7/22/16 6:17:18 AM Permalink

It is the adventure and challenge for all educators, grades K-16 (yes, university instructors as well), to take that tried-and-true strategy and evolve it -- making it best to next. In this digital age, for instance, as our students' needs and strengths shift, we must remain innovative, and our best should always be transforming and moving toward the next best approach, tool, or strategy.

marcos eduardo müller padilha

Posted on 7/6/16 12:58:43 PM Permalink

I've actually came across this one a couple years ago, but it's still one of my favorite resources for teaching an Adobe tool.

It's a completely hands on tutorial on the pen tool for Illustrator, made by Verlee Pieters. It goes hand in hand with best practices in teaching for allowing students to practice and work at their own pace and eliminates the need for group instruction showing how the pen tool works.

Illustrator pen tool exercise

Hope you find it useful as well.

Sherri sullivan

Posted on 2/17/17 5:27:44 PM Permalink

This is a great tool, thanks for sharing :)

Shelly Gooden

Posted on 6/15/16 3:05:54 PM Permalink

Juan Zausen

Posted on 12/10/16 8:03:00 PM Permalink

I totally agree with that, Shelly!​

Sherri sullivan

Posted on 2/17/17 5:28:30 PM Permalink

I can't agree more!!!​


Posted on 4/18/17 9:16:07 PM Permalink

Thank you Shelly​


Posted on 5/23/16 7:45:37 PM Permalink

If you are looking for funding in STEAM, check out

Janet Wentum

Posted on 6/13/16 2:34:33 AM Permalink

Thanks for sharing. I'm interested in how I can partner with you to get some funding for our students at Christian Child Cares. We want to buy some iPads for the preschoolers, Adobe cc for the daycare, as well as some technical mentors.Thank you.

Sherri sullivan

Posted on 2/17/17 6:18:04 PM Permalink

Thanks John, I contacted them and am looking forward to working with them.​