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Creativity and the Arts as a Catalyst for Change Resources SXSW

Very interested in this Adobe SXSW session-- "Creativity and the Arts as a Catalyst for Change". Does anyone know if there is a transcript, recording, or the like?

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Sherri Kushner

Posted on 6/21/16 4:11:21 AM Permalink

Hi! I was one of the presenters of this session. My slides are online at You can scroll down to the middle of the front page and you will see the slides there under SxSW presentation resources. Let me know if you have any specific questions on the presentation-- happy to share!


Posted on 4/1/16 5:04:01 PM Permalink

Can you put me in touch with the presenters to inquire about their slides, resources, or whatever?

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/1/16 5:45:15 PM Permalink

I would go to the original post or discussions that I liked below and ask there. We don't have access to their information.

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/1/16 4:56:06 PM Permalink