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Posted on Aug 20, 2013 by Judy Durkin Latest activity: Nov 19, 2013

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I have heard that some colleges, art schools, and universities give credit for students who have passed the ACA exam. Is there are list of those schools? Also, does the ACA certificate need to be for the lasted version - CC?

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michael kearney

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Eric Dumas

Posted on Sep 8, 2013 9:54 PM - Permalink

You can take exams for any ACA available at the rename centre. I always take the new ones when they are available and I would recommend to start from the latest.

Recently one of my learner studied and practiced on CS5 as he had purchased it and didn't upgrade since, it made more sense to take CS5 as an exam then.

I haven't heard of school credit for this, but it is always a plus on a CV or entry form for the next level of education

alison consol

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I think it is mainly colleges that have a testing facility for ACA. Not sure the CC ACA exams are out yet.