How is Animation taught internationally?

I would like to start a comparative discussion focusing how animation is taught internationally; I am hoping to see the similarities as well as the differences in both delivery of and focus in how animation is taught around the world…

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Jonathan Mortimer

Posted on 5/20/14 11:03:07 AM Permalink

Here is a link to a student testimonial of what we teach at my local college:-

Rick Henderson

Posted on 5/7/14 3:13:04 PM Permalink

What kind of animation are you talking about? I once took a course at a community college (Ontario, Canada) and it started by teaching the basics of animation and its history, we made a flipbook out of post-it notes, then did a banner animation in Flash (I think it was Flash), then worked with Maya to produce simple objects, and did create an AVI file but I don't remember what I used to make it.

I probably still have my notes I'd just have to find the binder. Also did some work in Terragen to provide the background and sky for the image in the video.

Jonathan Mortimer

Posted on 5/20/14 11:01:28 AM Permalink

Hi Rick, apologies for my late reply I didn't see you post until now. I am interested in all aspects of how animation is taught, both generally and medium specific. I would welcome any and all materials, views and experiences you may have...

Mark Gatehouse

Posted on 4/23/14 10:29:20 AM Permalink

Hi Jonathan,

I would be most interested in this spot of research too. Given the similarities and differences between Fife and Carshalton it would be quite illuminating to see how free the rest of the world is. Ireland, I beleive has a similar system and curriculum focus to yourselves, but i have no evidence to back this up. Therein lies the interest.


Jonathan Mortimer

Posted on 4/23/14 10:36:55 AM Permalink

Great stuff - I am happy to share my notes and experience with those interested in developing how animation is taught, I primary on the HND (Higher National Diploma) 3D Computer Animation course, with the majority of higher education courses from the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority);

3D – 1

3D – 2