Gamification for ASD students

Hello everybody,

Not realy the place to ask I guess, but I'm realy looking for some help. For my master SEN I have a research question I want to get answered. "Can gamification help ASD students (PDDNOS specific) to finish their education (get their diploma). At the moment we have a high rate of dropouts.

So, any help is welcome. Resources, other researches. Thank you in advance.

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Anne Jan

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Anne Jan Zandstra

Posted on 5/3/16 7:58:51 AM Permalink

Hello Larissa, thank you for your reply. The schoolsystem in the Netherlands is slightly different, so I guess it's a college diploma. My students are in the age of 16 till 24. We learn them to code, that's probably why we have that much students with ASD. But the most students with ASD (formerly the PDDNOS) are not finishing there education. That's why I want to do research on gamification.


Anne Jan

Larissa Warren

Posted on 5/3/16 7:29:14 AM Permalink

I guess applying this reward system could help any student, and likewise not be so effective for others. ASD students, each with their own learning and social differences and needs (re: 'Spectrum') will usually be more interested if the topic/theme is personally rewarding. However, by diploma- are you referring to a high school diploma or tertiary education?