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Adobe Needs Lightroom Certifications

I recently looked in to taking a Lightroom ACE exam only to find out that Adobe discontinued the Lightroom ACE after LR 5 and has no plans on a future version of the test. This is on top of the fact that there is not an ACA exam for Lightroom either. With the increased user base of Creative Cloud and the new(ish) Photography Plan, there are more people using Lightroom than ever before. Certifications would ensure that professionals have (up-to-date) knowledge in the program and would be an even better match for a photography classroom than the Photoshop exam. There are so many Adobe-based exams for programs that are not nearly as popular. Fingers crossed that Adobe changes their minds and develops Lightroom certifications in the future!

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Jessica Campbell

Posted on 2/6/19 5:39:41 PM Permalink

​I couldn't agree more!

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 12/2/18 5:38:43 AM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing

Cindy Kringelis

Posted on 7/13/18 3:46:59 PM Permalink

I'm also curious as to why the Lightroom ACE exam was dropped. For those who passed the LR 5 ACE Exam, does it still qualify for Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) if coupled with the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) designation?

Adobe Education

Posted on 6/1/17 7:28:35 PM Permalink

Thank you for your suggestions. While Lightroom is not currently on the ACA certification roadmap we will take this point of view into consideration for future exam considerations.

​The AEE Team

jeremy hobbs

Posted on 1/8/20 1:47:38 AM Permalink

Why is it not on the certification roadmap?​