Juli 1998 - April 2019 (20 Jahre 9 Monate)


Tafe Queensland Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Erwachsenenbildung Toowoomba Queensland Australien

I teach a range of competencies relevant to Community Services work. This includes working with many different needs and issues; and applied to individual, small group, community and organisational contexts.

September 2011 - Präsentieren (8 Jahre 5 Monate)


Five Sparrows Counselling And Holistic Development Services Andere | Erwachsenenbildung Toowoomba Queensland Australien

To teach in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in Australia, one must maintain currency in what they teach.This counselling work allows me to keep abreast of the Australian Counselling and Community Services sectors, ensuring that the knowledge and skill I teach are current and relevant. P.S. the system forces a capital for "and" in the business name. The teacher in me had to point that out (oh dear)!


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Anne C Smith Teacher (TAFE Queensland)

Anne C Smith

Teacher (TAFE Queensland)
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Has over 30 years experience in education, including high school teaching, university lecturing, training and adult education.

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
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