September 1997 - Präsentieren (22 Jahre 8 Monate)

Technology Consultant

Petaluma City School District Trainer | Sekundarstufe , Primarstufe Petaluma California Vereinigte Staaten

Work with the Petaluma School District to show teachers and students the advantages of teaching and using technology. Work with the city and school board to get more funding into the schools for technology. Many teachers are still not aware of the Adobe products that are entry level for younger students. Beside this, my company, Bob Tuttle Associates, consults with companies looking to use their hardware and software more effectively.


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Bob Tuttle Professor & Consultant

Bob Tuttle

Professor & Consultant Petaluma City School District
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Besides being a California Licensed teacher specializing in computer technology, I also do a great deal of business consulting to a wide range of companies.

PETALUMA, California, United States
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