Januar 2013 - Präsentieren (7 Jahre 0 Monate)

Visual Art Teacher Graphic Designer

Melville Senior High School Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Sekundarstufe Melville Western Australia Australien

Januar 2019 - Januar 2020 (1 Jahre 0 Monate)

Arts and Technologies Teacher

Churchlands Senior High School Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Sekundarstufe Churchlands Western Australia Australien

Januar 2018 - Präsentieren (2 Jahre 0 Monate)

PhD Research

Edith Cowan University Andere | Erwachsenenbildung Perth Western Australia Australien

PhD Creative Research commenced in 2019. Practice-Based Arts and Education Research proposal, combining Visual Art and Commercial Design practice with Secondary Teaching. Employs a written exegesis/exhibition model and adopts an a/r/tographic methodology.


reseacher graphic & digital design ceramic arts educator textile art visual art teacher media arts drawing innovator idea generation & concepting

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Alison Blackwell Artist • Teacher • Designer • Res...

Alison Blackwell

Artist • Teacher • Designer • Researcher Melville Senior High School
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Creative, designer, educator, visual artist, ceramicist, innovator, researcher, conceptualiser, parent and human.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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