August 2007 - Präsentieren (12 Jahre 5 Monate)

Teacher Digital Publishing & Graphic Design at SintLucas /Adobe Education Leader at Adobe

Sintlucas Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Hochschule Eindhoven Niederlande

It’s our job to introduce and guide our students through the world of their future profession. We learn them to provide solutions in the problems they encounter. They learn to design, produce and maintain their contact with costumers. In our education we takefull advantage of all the opportunities that collaboration between Education & Business has to offer. We select the media that best suits specific goals. Ideas become solutions through the innovative technologies provided.

Juni 2013 - Präsentieren (6 Jahre 7 Monate)

Adobe Educational Leader

Adobe Education Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Hochschule Eindhoven Niederlande

The Adobe Education Leaders Program highlights the contributions of innovative educators in higher ed and K–12 who are effectively using Adobe tools and applications to promote excellence in the classroom.


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Teacher Digital Publishing & Graphic Design at SintLucas Eindhoven (NL)
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A Teacher Graphic Design and Digital Publishing with a demonstrated history of working in the wireless industry. Skilled in Doodling, Graphics, User Experience,

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