Januar 2013 - Präsentieren (7 Jahre 4 Monate)

Marketing and Digital Marketing Instructor and Program Director

Chippewa Valley Technical College Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Hochschule Eau Claire Wisconsin Vereinigte Staaten

An instructor of the Marketing and Digital Marketing programs, I teach courses in Marketing Principles, Visual Design, Social Media Strategy, Digital Campaigns, Social Media Policies and Ethics, and Personal Branding. The focus is not just understanding the material, but to complete practical application allowing students to fully comprehend the concepts and apply them in their chosen fields so they may be quality contributors to the workforce and the profession.

August 2007 - Präsentieren (12 Jahre 9 Monate)

Social Media Speaker and Trainer

Laurie Boettcher Teaches Trainer | Erwachsenenbildung Eau Claire Wisconsin Vereinigte Staaten

Speak, train, post, and tweet on using social media in municipalities, government agencies, schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, and groups/ associations.Engaging workshops and trainings are geared toward all ages and experience levels. Each is tailored to the organization and its specific needs. I am an independent professional not affiliated with a specific organization. Considering my teaching schedule, speaking engagements are generally booked between May and August.


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