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Digital Arts Instructor

Coronado High School Lehrer/Ausbilder/Dozent | Sekundarstufe Coronado California Vereinigte Staaten

I currently teach a variety of digital media courses which include animation, graphic design, video production, game design, and digital photography. My experience also includes writing multiple University of California A-G approved courses for Coronado High School and Coronado School of the Arts encompassing Digital Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Animation, and Game Design.


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photograhy graphic & digital design motion graphics animation curriculum & schedule design career and technical education video & audio production

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riana bucceri Digital Media Instructor

riana bucceri

Digital Media Instructor Coronado High School
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Digital Media Artist and Designer, CTE Arts, Media, Entertainment Teacher, Curriculum Writer, Passionate for Teaching and Lifelong Learning.

coronado, California, United States
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