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Resources for Grantees

Find resources for Adobe ConnectED grantees in the following categories:

Technical support

For answers to common technical support questions, please refer to the ConnectED Support Forum.

How do I download past versions of Adobe ConnectED software?

Refer to the following links for locations and instructions for downloading past versions of the software:

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Training for Teachers

The Adobe ConnectED program provides free, on-demand professional development to unleash creativity in the classroom. From bite-sized 30-minute webinars to in-depth workshops and collaborative courses, you'll find the training you need to take full advantage of your ConnectED donation.

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Live Events

Join us for regular live webinars covering a range of topics, from creativity, tips and tricks, software training, and more.

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Get started

Self-paced Online Workshops

Professional development workshops are self-paced, focused on a variety of software tools, and take between one-to-three hours to complete. Keep track of your learning using on your Learning dashboard.

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Go deep

Collaborative Online Courses

Want to push your skills further? Enroll in a free course. Courses take place online, blending synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities. Choose from a range of topics to explore as you connect with expert instructors and educator peers from around the world.

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Pay it forward

Become an Adobe Education Trainer

Complete our free online Train the Trainer course to earn your Adobe Education Trainer credential. You'll be equipped to train educators on how to unleash creativity in the classroom using Adobe tools.

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Terms & Conditions

1. Adobe ConnectED Donation Program "ACDP"

Adobe Systems Incorporated ("Adobe") will donate and deliver creative Adobe-brand tools and software ("Adobe Software"), at no charge, to eligible education institutions in the United States who apply to the ACDP program and who accept these terms and conditions. Adobe Software will normally be provided via electronic software download, no disks or hard media are provided. Adobe Software may be applications that Donation Members download onto its computers, or it may be software as a service (hosted service), depending on which Adobe Software a Donor Member receives.

2. Donation Member Eligibility

Donation Member is a qualified educational establishment that must meet the eligibility requirements.

To qualify for ACDP, an institute must meet all of the below requirements:

  1. Be classified by the United States Department of Education as a Title 1 institution;
  2. Be accredited (by official accrediting entities) as a public school, state operated school, county operated school, or Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) school providing full-time instruction;
  3. Be an elementary or secondary school (offering instruction for any combination of Pre-K through Grade 12 levels)
  4. Have a physical institution address within the United States of America;
  5. Be a non-profit institution (for profit organizations not eligible);
  6. Applicant and at least one secondary contact must join or already be a member of the Adobe Education Exchange.

If your institution meets all of these requirements, you can apply on behalf of your institution.

Adobe reserves the right to donate to institutions who are not listed as Title I but who otherwise meet eligibility requirements, or to any educational institution it deems fit.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of entities that are not qualified for ACDP:

  1. Non-accredited schools and universities;
  2. Museums or libraries;
  3. Hospitals wholly owned or not wholly owned and operated by an otherwise qualified educational institution;
  4. Churches or religious organizations that are not accredited schools;
  5. Vocational training centers or schools granting certificates for courses such as computer software training or job training that are not accredited schools or which grant degrees requiring less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study;
  6. Military schools that do not grant academic degrees;
  7. Research laboratories not recognized by a national or state ministry overseeing education. For example, institutions recognized by other government branches are not eligible;
  8. Private schools;
  9. Adult education institutions;
  10. Day Care Centers;
  11. Libraries;
  12. Post-secondary institutions (Colleges and Universities);
  13. Institutions outside the United States of America;
  14. Institutions not classified by the United States Department of Education as a Title 1 institution

3. Acceptance of Applications

All applications submitted to Adobe are subject to being accepted by Adobe. Adobe reserves the right to accept or reject any application under the ACDP. Adobe's decision on eligible entities will be final. Adobe will have the discretion to expand this program to any institution it may deem fit, including but not limited to any non-Title 1 institution.

4. Accepted Applications

For entities who are accepted into ACDP (thus becoming Donation Members), Adobe will try its best to accommodate grant requests. However, there is no guarantee that Adobe will be able to honor all grants as requested by the Donation Member.

5. Software Use Terms

  1. In addition to these program terms and conditions, all Adobe Software being donated under ACDP will be subject to Adobe's standard licensing terms (such as an End User License Agreement or "EULA", or Terms of Use, or other license agreement(s) and/or terms of use for the relevant Adobe Software), that are included with each Adobe Software product generally in electronic form as part of a product installer or provided by URL, web address, link or other means. All such terms shall be referred to as License Terms. If a Donation Member is not willing to accept the applicable License Terms, it cannot use the Adobe Software and must return it to Adobe.
  2. Restrictions on Use. In addition to any requirements in the License Terms, Adobe Software must be installed in physical computers located in Donation Member's campus. Students, Staff and Faculty of Donation Member can use the Adobe Software in Donation Member's campus only. Students, Staff and Faculty will not be permitted to install the software on their personal computers. If an Adobe Software product is installed for personal use, rather than for Donation Member use, Adobe will have the right to dismiss, suspend or ban such Donation Member from the ACDP. "Students" means full and part-time student enrolled with a Donation Member who are at least 13 years old. "Staff" means a then-current full time and/or part-time employee of Donation Member that provides administrative support to the institution's educational operations and/or Faculty. "Faculty" means a then-current full time and/or part-time employee or independent contractor of Donation Member whose primary job duties consist of providing educational instruction to Students.

6. Non-donation Software

If Donation Member has Adobe software licenses which it has purchased, it must be able to determine which licenses it purchased and which licenses are Adobe Software obtained under ACDP.

7. Upgrades

Adobe Software made available to Donation Member will not be eligible for any upgrades.

8. Program Expiration

With the exception of Adobe Sign Services, the Adobe Software licenses donated to the accepted Donation Members (and and its Member Schools) under ACDP are perpetual type licenses and will not expire. For Donation Members who receive licenses of Adobe Sign, all services will be turned off on December 30, 2019. At that time, Donation Members will be able to procure Adobe Sign through the Adobe Document Cloud at the applicable rate.

9. Program Suspension

Adobe reserves the right to end, suspend, delay or terminate the ACDP program at any time.

10. Representations by Donation Member

  1. Donation Member represents and warrants to Adobe that it meets and will continue to meet with all the required qualifications under ACDP and will comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. Donation Member further represents and warrants that in the event or at any time that Donation Member ceases to meet the program requirement criteria or fails to perform any of its obligations it will immediately notify Adobe of such change.
  3. Donation Member acknowledges and agrees ACDP benefits are being made available for educational and non-profit purposes only. Adobe Software must not be resold, leased or transferred. Donor Member will not misuse the grant offered to it under ACDP.
  4. Donation Member further represents and warrants that they understand that compliance with FERPA, COPPA, and other regulations potentially applicable to use of the Adobe Software, is the responsibility of Donation Member (and not Adobe).

11. Student Age Limitation

The Adobe Software may integrate with a variety of hosted services, operated either by Adobe or by third parties, which may contain user-generated content that may be (a) inappropriate for minors, or (b) inappropriate for viewing ("Hosted Services"). If Donation Member wants to prevent viewing of or access to user-generated content services it may (a) disable service access in the some Adobe Software (for example, by using Creative Cloud Packager), where that functionality is made available, or (b) block access to the Hosted Services via its network firewall. Hosted Services must not, under any circumstances, be made available to users under the age of thirteen (13). Adobe disclaims liability for all user-generated content available via the Hosted Services. It is up to Donation Member to determine how to comply with the Children Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) and any similar laws or regulations. Donation Member is not entitled to a refund and Adobe is not liable in the event that access to the Hosted Services is slowed or blocked as a result of government or service provider action, or if Adobe blocks access to some or all of the Hosted Services if it deems, in its sole discretion, that such a block is necessary to comply with local laws.

12. FERPA Regulations

It is up to Donation Member to determine whether it will allow use of cloud storage and other cloud features in the Adobe Software, and if it does choose to allow such use Donation Member must determine how to comply with the Family and Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) and any similar laws or regulations. Donation Member agrees that to the extent that FERPA is applicable to its use of Adobe Software, Adobe is a “school official” as provided by 34 CFR section 99.31(a)(1).

13. Waiver of Warranties/ Waiver of Liability

Donation Member acknowledges that ACDP is a donation program and agrees that Adobe is not liable for failing to donate Adobe Software, or for any problems arising from use of the Adobe Software. There shall be no warranties provided to Donation Member for the Adobe Software, even if the License Terms contain such warranties for licensees who purchase licenses. Donation Member's sole remedy for any dissatisfaction with the ACDP program is to withdraw from the program. Donaton Member's sole remedy for any dissatisfaction with the Adobe Software is to return the Adobe Software to Adobe, or to request that Adobe disable any hosted service being provided.

14. Adobe EchoSign Licensing Terms

If Donation Member licenses Adobe EchoSign, the following EchoSign Licensing Terms apply: Web, Phone, and Chat support for the EchoSign Services are included at no additional cost. EchoSign Support hours are M-F from 12 AM to 5 PM PST. Tier 1 Emergency Hotline Support is provided in the event of a material critical problems occurring outside of the above Support hours.

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