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General information

What is the ConnectED initiative?

The ConnectED initiative is a White House program designed to enrich K-12 education for every student in America. ConnectED empowers teachers with the best technology and the training to make the most of it, and empowers students through individualized learning and rich, digital content. For more information about the program, please refer to the White House ConnectED initiative page.

What is Adobe's involvement in ConnectED?

To broaden access to powerful digital media creation tools, Adobe has committed over $300 million in software and professional development services to the White House's ConnectED initiative. As part of this $2 billion+ effort from the private sector, Adobe will deliver creative tools and teacher professional development to schools across the United States—all with the goal of helping youth express their creativity and build their skills for future success.

What software is being donated?

Adobe's donation includes:

In addition, Adobe is providing a range of teacher training resources from the Adobe Education Exchange and Adobe Youth Voices.

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Eligibility and application process

Is my school eligible for the Adobe ConnectED program?

Please refer to the eligibility page for complete details about schools that are and are not eligible for the Adobe ConnectED program.

How do I apply?

To apply for the program, completely fill out the application form. Each approved applicant will need to formally accept the donation and agree to the terms and conditions of the donation. Upon accepting the donation, an applicant will be on boarded into the program. More information about the application process can be found on the Application process page.

What do I need to apply?

You will need the following to apply for the program:

  • An Adobe Education Exchange account
  • Information about your school including the mailing address zip code and technology infrastructure information (computers, tablets, and Internet bandwidth information)
  • Three secondary contacts that support your application (Technology, Professional Development, and Principal/Administrator contacts). At least one of these contacts must be a member of the Adobe Education Exchange to enable shared ownership of this application.
  • Answers to application questions about the ways you currently use digital media in your school and your plan how you will use the software donation.
  • A letter of support from your principal or administration

How can I get help when submitting my application?

If you have questions about how to submit your application, visit the ConnectED Support Forum.

I work at the district level. Can I apply for all the schools in my district at once?

Adobe can support district-wide programs by streamlining the school application and software deployment process, and assisting you with outreach to your eligible schools. However, an application must still be completed for each individual school either by district level or school level personnel. Please email and our team will contact you to help you get a district-wide program started.

What criteria will Adobe use to review applications?

Adobe will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated need based on student poverty measurements (Title 1, Free and reduced lunch %, etc.)
  • Geographic diversity among all applicants
  • Technology infrastructure to enable software usage
  • Implementation and usage plan for software
  • Support from school administration and staff

When will I hear about my application status?

Adobe will review all applications and respond within 3-4 weeks. Thanks for your patience as we review a large volume of applications.

Are there any terms and conditions to this donation program?

Please refer to the official terms and conditions of the Adobe ConnectED program for detailed information.

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Software fulfillment and program onboarding

How will the donated software be delivered to program members?

  • For individual schools: All software will be delivered via electronic software download (ESD). Successful applicants will be issued serial numbers to activate the licenses. Please work with your technology administrator to download, install, and set up the software on your school computers.
  • For district-wide programs: District program members will be provided volume serials numbers so that the software can be deployed to approved schools from a centralized system. If you would like to establish a district-wide program, please email and a member of our team will help you get started.

How do I download past versions of Adobe ConnectED software?

Refer to the following links for locations and instructions for downloading past versions of the software:

What other benefits will be offered as part of the Adobe ConnectED program?

Adobe ConnectED program members will be offered:

  • Welcome email with resources and opportunities for getting started
  • A custom ConnectED hub page where the applicant can access all their Adobe ConnectED information
  • Entry into the private Adobe ConnectED group on the Adobe Education Exchange
  • Earn the ConnectED badge on their Adobe Education Exchange profile
  • Opportunity to check-in with Adobe regularly to provide updates on program progress

How can I find out what other schools are participating in my area?

All ConnectED program members will have access to the ConnectED private group to collaborate with other members. In the future, Adobe plans to publish a comprehensive list of ConnectED grantees.

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Teacher training, teaching, and help resources

Where do I find resources for teaching with the Adobe ConnectED software?

The Adobe Education Exchange has thousands of teaching resources for Adobe software. Search the Exchange for resources by product, grade level, subject, and resource type.

How can I get help and support for my software?

To find help and support for downloading, installing, setting up, and troubleshooting ConnectED software donations, please refer to the Adobe Help and Support page and select the desired product from the list, or vsiit the ConnectED Support Forum.

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