Code of Conduct

Adobe is committed to making the Adobe Education Exchange a great place for education professionals to meet, interact and share teaching resources. These guidelines are here to help you understand how we do (and don’t) allow you to use the community. Your use of the Adobe Education Exchange is governed by these guidelines and by our Terms of Use (available at

1. Respect Others

We encourage everyone to treat each other with mutual respect. We’re all for healthy debate, but please don’t defame, threaten, harass, intimidate, stalk, spam or otherwise abuse others participating in the community. And, to keep the community a productive, helpful one for all the educators who use it, please keep your posts ‘on topic.’ Adobe and its community managers reserve, in our sole discretion, the right to remove inappropriate, off-topic or offensive postings or content, and to deactivate any user who violates these guidelines or our Terms of Use.

2. Respect Intellectual Property Rights

We encourage you to use this community to share education materials, information and/or resources that you have created. Don’t share other people’s content unless you’re certain you have the right to do so (if you’re unsure, don’t share!). Please don’t misrepresent other people’s work as your own.

Community members have the right to identify usage rights for the content they post in conjunction with the Creative Commons licenses. All users must respect the wishes of other community users and abide by the usage rights assigned to each piece of content. For more information about Creative Commons and Creative Commons licenses, please visit

3. Respect the Law

You are responsible for ensuring that all content you post to the Adobe Education Exchange is legal. If you post content that is illegal, we’ll remove it as soon as we learn about it and deactivate your account.

4. Respect Your Students

Please don’t upload images of your students, their work, or personal information about them without their express written permission. If the student in question is a minor, make sure you get permission in writing from a parent or guardian. You (not Adobe) are solely responsible for making certain that you have the right to share any and all content you upload.

5. Keep it Clean

Please don’t post adult content or imagery to this community. We want everyone to feel comfortable here.

6. No Commercial Use or Spamming

Adobe Education Exchange is for personal and educational use only. We will terminate the account of anyone using the service for commercial purposes (i.e., to sell products or services) or anyone using the service to spam others.

7. If You See A Problem, Let Us Know!

If you come across content that you think is inappropriate (or run into a user who is behaving in a way inconsistent with the letter or spirit of these guidelines), let us know by reporting abuse here.

Thanks for participating responsibly!

The Adobe Education Exchange Team