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Our free art projects and activities will excite students, inspire creativity, and help to create a magical learning environment.

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About this collection of art projects

Our education team has thoughtfully assembled this diverse curation of free art projects for kids to make learning memorable and fun. Every resource on the Adobe Education Exchange platform is vetted by our experienced team to ensure it aligns with our mission of providing creative and purposeful learning material. These free, adaptable, and creative resources will help you create a learning experience unlike any other. We have an abundance of resources to choose from that span across different art topics and incorporate unique digital tools, media, and technology.

Each art project and activity in this curation is adaptable to your teaching needs and can be used to meet students’ learning goals. Do you want to introduce young students to new art concepts by asking them to express themselves through digital media? How about creating a video describing the impact that color has on the tone and mood of an art piece? Whether you need art ideas or activities for kids or more advanced art worksheets, we have many resources that can be seamlessly integrated into any lesson plan at any grade level.

For early learners, our thoughtful art projects will spark imaginations and serve as the gateway to more complex disciplines. Meanwhile, more advanced art activities will reinforce previous learnings and dig deeper into familiar topics. Our art resources are aligned to standards and go beyond subject knowledge by introducing digital literacy into the classroom.

Spark young students’ imaginations and creativity with these art worksheets and activities

Our incorporation of digital tools and media invites students to learn about art creatively and express themselves in new ways, while also making it simple for you to create a dynamic learning environment where students go beyond content knowledge to develop communication and critical thinking skills. Challenge students to work independently and collaboratively, think critically and analytically, and present information digitally to prepare them for success in the 21st century.

Each art activity is quick and easy to implement into your curriculum, and includes tutorials and step-by-step instructions designed to maximize simplicity and eliminate any guesswork. If you need more than one, you can leverage our related resources to find something that aligns well with your upcoming lesson. Additionally, all of our resources are free and easily accessible across all software license types and devices.

Whether you have experience with Adobe’s tools or are completely new to them, our education team has made it as easy as possible for you to inject magic and creativity into your classroom. The introduction of digital media into every art project helps support rich learning experiences for students. Creativity is at the forefront of the Adobe Education Exchange and we are committed to providing free, innovative, exciting learning material that enables you to create a meaningful art education.

Frequently asked questions

Our education team has curated a collection of intriguing and challenging projects and activities, each with detailed instructions included, so you can easily incorporate art activities into your lesson plan. Select from our unique learning material to drive excitement in the classroom and fulfill your teaching objectives.

All the resources available on the Adobe Education Exchange incorporate digital media to help you easily and quickly introduce digital applications of learning. These resources work seamlessly with Adobe's advanced software tools so you can empower students to learn content creatively and deeply. Whether you’re an elementary teacher looking to inspire young learners or you're tackling complex subjects with higher education students, we have a wide variety of exciting resources designed to captivate students.

Learning about art is exciting when students have the ability to express themselves through hands-on activities or digital applications. Adobe’s digital suite of tools can help drive innovation in the classroom and allow students to immerse themselves in exciting new concepts and projects. The Adobe Education Exchange has exciting digital resources that will make art class fun for students.