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Use our free, flexible art lesson plans as is or adapt them to your needs to spark imaginations, inspire creativity, and increase appreciation for art.

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About this collection of art lessons

The Adobe for Education team is committed to providing the tools and resources you need to deliver impactful, engaging, and unique learning experiences. Choose from our diverse curation of free art lessons, hand-selected by our team to make learning exciting. Each of these lessons and projects introduces a unique opportunity to use digital media and tools and allow students to access a wealth of knowledge. Beyond content knowledge, students will also enhance their communication, critical thinking, and communications skills.

Do you want to teach students to conceptualize, organize, develop, and apply ideas to their own artistic work? How about creating a video describing their interpretation of a famous art piece? Or how about solving real-world problems through human-centered UI and UX design? Each of the lesson plans and projects in this curation are designed specifically to be adaptable for your unique teaching objectives. In addition, these art lesson plans can be used to meet any student's learning goals, no matter their proficiency with digital tools or their interest in art.

Introduce the basics and build upon those learnings to incorporate quick, fun art activities or more in-depth creative projects. Through the Adobe Education Exchange’s digital applications of learning, students will gain access to an exciting new array of media, technology, platforms, and tools to engage with and express themselves fully. Use our carefully selected art lesson plans and activities to motivate your students, increase creativity, and inspire them to learn content more deeply.

Teach art creatively and spark students’ imaginations

Use our adaptable and creative resources to create an art curriculum that breaks the mold. Tap into students' curiosity, spark their imaginations, and promote digital literacy with purposeful lessons and activities for all age levels. Each resource is designed to be quick and easy to implement into your curriculum. We’ve included tutorials and step-by-step instructions designed to maximize simplicity and eliminate guesswork. Are you new to Adobe’s suite of digital tools? No problem. Our resources are easy to use and free to make it as simple as possible for you to inject magic and creativity into your classroom.

It’s easy to create a fun and immersive learning experience by incorporating 21st century skills and competencies into the art classroom. The introduction of digital media and tools into every art lesson helps support rich learning experiences for students. Finding all the resources you need is a cinch with the help of the Adobe Education Exchange.

Frequently asked questions

Browse the curation pages on the Adobe Education Exchange to find art lesson plans aligned with your curriculum and teaching goals. Whether you’re an elementary teacher looking to inspire young learners or you're tackling more complex subjects with higher education students, we have lots of exciting resources designed to captivate students’ attention.

Challenge students to create digital drawings, interpret a famous work, or dive deeper into new art concepts. For example, you can encourage students to create a basic sketch of a household item or motivate them to solve a real-world problem while learning the principles of UI and UX design. The Adobe Education Exchange has exciting art projects to create immersive digital learning opportunities for all ages.

Art lessons are fun and engaging when students are given the chance to be creative and express themselves. Use our unique art resources to introduce digital literacy into the classroom and challenge students to think creatively and critically. To further increase engagement, encourage students to present their work to classmates and spark in-depth discussions.