Social Media Profiles

Social Media Profiles for Historical or Literary Figures

  • Megan Townes

Ever wonder what Shakespeare's Instagram might look like? Or whether Severus Snape would have any friends at all on Facebook? This fun project challenges students to imagine what a famous person from history or a character from a favorite novel might be doing on social media if he/she were alive today. Using Adobe Photoshop CC, students create fake Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profiles. Then, they reflect on what they chose to include in their social media profiles — and what they chose to leave off — as a way to demonstrate their understanding of the personality, motivations, and public persona of their chosen person or character.

This project includes:

  • Lesson plan
  • Photoshop template: Instagram
  • Technical tutorial
  • Rubric
  • Example projects
  • Peer review form
  • Design guidelines

Age Levels

  • 11-12
  • 13-14
  • 15-16
  • 17-18


  • Humanities
  • English
  • Social Sciences

Products used

  • Photoshop