Adobe Certified Associate - Why Certification?

Prepare Students

What is the value of certification for classrooms and schools? In considering whether or not to start or continue an Adobe Certified Associate program at your school, you may wish to consider some of the evidence below regarding the impact of certification on student achievement and career success.

ACA Overview

The Adobe Certified Associate program provides a unique opportunity for institutions to certify student creativity while preparing young people for success in college and career. View this brief overview of the program benefits.

Hear Melissa Jones, Worldwide Education Program Manager, discuss the ACA program.

See how educators and institutions are integrating the ACA into their classrooms:

Brooklyn Technical High School is helping students get the skill set they need to go into professional industry, and the Adobe Certified Associate certification is a key piece of their program.

Learn about how Pete Episcopo, an Adobe Education Leader in Florida, uses the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam as a way to put his students on the path to postsecondary success.