Self-paced Courses

Self-paced Course

Create Digital Images with Your Class

Learn and teach the basics of creative imaging with Adobe Photoshop.

Self-paced Course

School Branding for Teachers

Create and develop engaging school branding with Adobe Spark Premium.

Self-paced Course

Digital Storytelling with Your Class

Learn the fundamentals of digital storytelling with Adobe tools.

Self-paced Course

Augment Reality with Your Students

Learn and teach the fundamentals of augmented reality with Adobe Aero.

Self-paced Course

Design Fun Apps with Your Students

Learn and teach the basics of user experience design with Adobe XD.

Self-paced Course

Digital Publishing with Your Students

Learn and teach the basics of digital publishing with Adobe InDesign.

Live Courses

Live Course

Engage Your Students with Digital Drawing

Starts Nov 18, 2019

Create striking digital drawings and paintings with Adobe Fresco.

Live Course

Exploring Graphic Design with Your Students

Starts Jan 13, 2020

Create impactful digital graphics and illustrations with Adobe Illustrator.

Live Course

Creating Video Promos with Your Students

Starts Jan 13, 2020

Create engaging promotional videos with Adobe Premiere Rush.

Live Course

Create the Impossible: VFX with Your Students

Starts Jan 20, 2020

Create stunning visual effects with Adobe After Effects.

Live Course

Integrating App Design into Your Curriculum

Starts Jan 27, 2020

Design and create innovative user experiences with Adobe XD.

Featured Teaching Resources

Digital Asset

Digital Media Projects with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark allows educators and students to create fun and engagin…

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Lesson Plan

Introduction to project planning, project manag…

Most jobs in the design world require teamwork and will use project man…

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Food Truck Challenge

This assignment is for an advanced course. In this assignment, students…

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Lesson Plan

Working with clients

In design and video production business world, students can expect…

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Technical Tutorial

PD: Creativity and Digital Storytelling with Adobe…

Students (and their teachers) love Adobe Spark and its ability to creat…

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Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop CC (2018) objectives

This document identifies the skills an individual must master in order to earn a current version of the Adobe Certified Associate certification in Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CC (2018) release. This certification is valid for three years after the date on which it is earned. For more information on the Adobe Certified Associate program, visit

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Understanding camera basics

Understanding camera basics Cameras come in lots of different s…

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InDesign CC Handout

This is a PDF handout that I wrote for use in my 2-day hands-on classes (…

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Lesson Plan

Photoshop Text Mask

Tutorial on creating a text mask graphic appropriate for social medi…

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Lesson Plan

Science: Time Lapse Lesson Plan

Document a comparison between conventional and unconventional ga…

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Who's in Control? Evaluating Psychological…

Often general psychology students lack the ability to evaluate psychol…

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Minimalist-style Movie Poster activity using Adobe Photoshop

This was a fun introductory Photoshop activity I set for my Stage 5 Industrial Technology Multimedia class. It involved the creation of a minimalist-style movie poster using Adobe Photoshop. Initially, we watched a brief presentation showing examples of minimalist-style movie posters and then I had all the students create an "Inception" movie poster using the included PDF tutorial and PNG files. Once they completed the tutorial and I was satisfied that they'd developed the necessary Photoshop skills, the students had to create two movie posters of their own choice. I've included all the necessary files to run this activity with your class.

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"The AEE has taught me more than my 4-year university degree.
The courses and resources help make my classroom full of fun, colour and creativity!"

Tim Bateup
Technology Teacher, Caloundra State High School